Pepper Potts Mark 1616 "Rescue" Suit DONE - UPDATE - Last Post!


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Hi everyone!!
As you could see before...i made my own IronGirl SRT1 (originally designed by Bogdan) and though to make something new female :p
tgeyhrtg.jpg someone could guess my next project i gonna let this here...

Iron Woman Mark 1616 (from the comic)

I just started with faceplate to test the shape...I hope you like it what I made until now...

You can stay tuned if i post another update... :D
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Re: Iron Woman Mark 1616 Suit - Modelling Stage --- WIP

Mark 1616 "Rescue Suit" is on good way i guess...:D

This is what i made now...


Re: Pepper Potts Mark 1616 "Rescue" Suit WIP - UPDATE!

This looks amazing!! so glad to see someone going at this suit properly! definitly not enough attention in the mainstream for Pepper. Still fantastic work dude!
Re: Pepper Potts Mark 1616 "Rescue" Suit WIP - UPDATE!

This is fantastic! My wife is getting into pep and wants to make this costume. I can't wait to see this continuing! :)
Re: Pepper Potts Mark 1616 "Rescue" Suit WIP - UPDATE!

Update of today for this lady... :D





Now testing new render on Rescue suit...
Shins at 85%
Biceps Done

Re: Pepper Potts Mark 1616 "Rescue" Suit WIP - UPDATE!

Ok after a long time...Pepper Potts Rescue Mark1616 or Iron Woman Mark1 is done and ready for unfolding process...:)

Good news for you girls!!



Stay tuned for more updates!

See ya later! :D
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