Parts for Galactica and Mel Falcon. Need Measurements.

Looking good there Joe, keep at it mate. Practice makes perfect.
Thanks Man ! Been practicing for 35 years, but still not perfect, ; )

That figures Joe. Both parts can't be the same, can they?! Not in our world! Haha! Looking great! Do you still need to do the bottom level, or just have it turned off? It figures you need to build up 3 layers there. Complicated little b@st@rd. Gives me a headache just thinking about part 31 and 32. Ugh!

Hope you feel better soon!
Yea have to put in the diagonal inner parts. Of course they're the opposite angle and a different size to # 29. Luckily there is a lot I could reuse. It's a lot of fun while being a pain in the buttocks, like most worthwhile things. Yes, haven't even started on #31, 32. I think they're the same, except mirrored. I can mirror with one click. But have to build one first, lol.

Thanks Man, I hope so too.

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