Parchment paper (old school)

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by gobler, Oct 25, 2005.

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    OK I'm going to try to replicate the KSM map but my big problem is where do I find good parchment paper. Let me explaine. Years ago (when I was a lad) places like Knotts Berry Farm and the like had Wanted posters and drawings of guns, wagons and what not you could buy. They were printed on a very neat pulp like parchment that had a feel and smell of old paper. Does any one remember that kind of paper? I'm looking for that paper not the parchment paper for printers. Please help.
  2. franz bolo

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    Try some calligraphy paper at the Art Stores.

    Originally, I think it was sheep skin. I've seen some of that paper before.


  3. Treadwell

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    Or try Office Max or Office Depot.
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    Art supply stores will have what you are looking for. A company called "Black Ink" imports a lot of handmade papers from hailand, and there is a lot of Japanese Unryu that you can get with a nice amount of variegated pulp and color to it. As said above, check the printmaking and calligraphy papers. Stonehenge, D'Arches, and Canson are good brands.
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    Pergamena makes high-quality hand-made parchment. I think I got this link off an RPF harry potter marauders map thread.

    Pergamena Parchment

    Pergamena offers handmade calfskin, goatskin, and deerskin parchment. It's not cheap. It's about $63 for 5 square feet of parchment.
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    Slight hijack, but HOLY CRAP. I used to work for Black Ink. Used to pack those great papers for delivery to art stores all over the world. They still in Boulder? File that under small world.
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    I've purchased from Pergamena. It's basically one guy who makes the parchment, and you get the whole animal's skin. His family runs a tanning shop, so the parchment business just kind of fell to him.

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