Painting Vinyl


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I spent the weekend making a replica X2 jacket from vinyl, problem is that now I need to paint it. I got some Krylon Fusion, and tried it on a scrap. But it did what it normally does to me, stay tackey and not dry(over 24 hours).
Does anyone have any reccomendations about on what to use?


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if you went to all that trouble why didnt you just buy the color vinyl you needed, cause vinyl paint or even dye gets kinda sticky when hot outside, i know cause ive seen plenty of vinyl paint/dye jobs on car interior also gives a paint smell...

just seems like it woulda been easier to spend the extra cash for correct color vinyl. :confused


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Well, I'll look into those things. Thanks guys.

Sal, I made Iceman's jacket from the end of X2. I'm hoping to have pics tomorrow night.

Oldken, I actually got it for another project, then used the rest to make the jacket. Plus, it was the only suitable stuff my local fabric store had.