Paint price?


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I know it depends on the painter but, in general, how much does it cost to have someone do a real "grade A" paint job on a mask? (Wallet, brace yourself... :) )


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Not sure how any body else paints but the way I do it for a bio, its about 5 layers. Primer base coat, top primary color (silver, gold, metallic), weathering for detail, airbrush highlights and tints, then finally a sealer coat of clear matt or gloss spray to protect the nice paint job. materials: 3 cans of aerosol and some airbrush paints and weathering paints which I use waterproof shoepolish. So a lot of labor goes into a nice paintjob and usually the bio would show it. I usually charge $100 for all materials & labor.


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Similar to Uratz, I do bios (I know, not masks) for $100 total. Masks are a more complex job and I think justify even more than that.
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