P-body costume


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Hi all,
This is my 2nd attempt at a fiberglass costume, but after running into some problems with the 1st I figured I should post this project here to get some advice on various things. Anyway, the first thing I did was get some measurements and reference images and made a 1:1 scale template of the XY and ZX planes. These were printed in sections onto A4, and used as a guide to cut 2 panels of hardboard which were stuck at right angles and filled with expanding foam which was then sanded down to give a roughly correct shape. A layer of plaster and some more sanding has left it looking like the picture below. The mold is flat at the base because I plan on using it twice, and making the upper and lower sections of the core seperately, just like in the game, I'm not sure how to cover the midsection yet.

That's as far as I've got for now, my plan is to cover this with a release film and use it as a mold for making the core out of fiberglass, unfortunately though I have no idea how to give it a smooth finish on a limited budget. I have just about enough biaxial cloth left over to cover it, but I'm not sure how to wrap it around so it doesn't form creases or slip off. I can use some sandable car bodywork filler to go over any small gaps in the finish, but not large lumps or heavy folds. Any advice?

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