1. MrVolt

    Portal 2 Animatronic GLaDOS

    Hey all! I've lurked these forums for years, and while I've gained tons of inspiration, I haven't shared any builds of my own. I thought I'd kick things off with a thread for my current big personal build: an animatronic version of G.L.a.D.O.S. as she appears in Portal 2. While I would love to...
  2. T

    Portal 2 Portal Gun Build: Seeking Help!

    Hi Everyone, I'm building a PORTAL GUN and I need help I have most of the details down however there is a detail I'm stuck on. In most portal gun replicas there are red LEDs on the front prongs on the gun and I'm unsure on what part of the prong they go on (see pictures) to be more accurate to...
  3. Snow Builder

    Portal 2 Wheatley EVA Foam Build

    Daughter and I are going to O-Com-icon in Omaha next weekend (and to visit my Dad). Doing a "quickie" build of Wheatley from Portal 2 to (hopefully) have my Dad carry around -he's not the type to cosplay. Covered an old basketball in duct tape to make my preliminary sketches (oops, finger)...
  4. AndrewTaylor

    Aperture Laboratories Employee ID Free

    Here is a Aperture Laboratories employee ID template I made up in photoshop free for anyone to enjoy. - - - Updated - - - Here's one I made for myself.
  5. X

    Anyone manage to dissasemble the NECA portal gun without cutting the shell?

    Hey all, so after years (since 2013) I finally got an alright ish way to display my NECA portal gun, and it reminded me of some of the mods I wanted to do. The main thing would be adding circuitry with an lm317 and grabbing an input off the LED lighting I put in my shelves to power the gun, and...
  6. B

    Quick'n'dirty Combustible Lemon project

    Hi all, here's a quick (nearly) one day project. 3x Special order from Aperture Science R&D. Combustible Lemon! Toy grenades and fake lemons. I think the cardboard box from the craft store cost nearly as much as the rest of it! Hope you dig.
  7. JGwinner

    Dense Foam - L200, anti-fatigue mats, for bumpers

    Hi folks I'm building a life sized Portal companion cube. I want to make the corners be very firm rubber, so when it drives (yes, it's motorized, so it'll be controllable with the Portal Gun in gravity mode), if I run into things or people it won't hurt quite so much. I've been looking for a...
  8. Slythenperior

    Portal 2, Personality core

    I started this project a little while ago, and have decided to post my work on the site. To share what I have been working on, and get feedback. The project is a half scale personality core from the game Portal 2. In the past I have designed and printed things for friends to finish, Mostly...
  9. ThePropBox

    PORTAL 2 - Animatronic Wheatley - 05.09. - Painting and Weathering!

    Hi everyone! :) Since I’m finished with my Gravity Gun replica (http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=239884) I’m starting a new project because it feels it would be the right time to try out some new things I learned in the near past. And by that I mean motorizing stuff by using stepper...
  10. G

    Scales of the Portal Gun

    This is my first post and I can tell there might be a sense of "uuuggghh not another Portal fan!" but I have (with permission) got my hands on the 3d model of the Gun used in Portal Stories: Mel. I am told that the prongs are the same size as the original Portal Gun and need to know the size of...
  11. E

    I'm building a life-sized portal gun

    Welcome! This is my build log on my very own portal gun that I will be constructing over the next few months. This is the first project that I have ever attempted, and being 15 (and in school), I won't be able to be update as much I would like, but I am trying my best! I will be posting...
  12. Hippie Dude

    Aperture Science Mirror

    As a big fan of portal, I decided to make an Aperture Science logo inspired mirror out of stained glass. I used the Tiffeny method of stained glass. To begin I printed out the logo and cut out one of the segments using scissors. Using contact spray adhesive I glued it to a piece of acrylic and...
  13. J

    Humanized GLaDOS costume build

    Hello - I posted recently about needing help with finding tutorials or WIP photos of other GLaDOS builds, but sadly I forgot to actually subscribe to the thread, and it's buried somewhere. I began the process yesterday. It's nothing like so many of the things I've seen posted on here for other...
  14. J

    Need Advice/Help with GLaDOS Headpiece

    I am about to begin making my GLaDOS head piece. The only other head piece I've made was a Pyramid Head helmet, which turned out great, but that was made from cardboard and cardboard won't do for this project. Rather than making the GLaDOS head piece that everyone makes, which only covers half...
  15. R

    Creating a Portal CORE Pepakura File

    I've been looking for a PDO version of a Portal core. I know its not the best option to use foam to create a spherical core, but what the hey. Im making my own PDO File. this is the first time I have ever unfolded a model. I will upload the file once I'm done with it. ^w^ W.I.P
  16. N

    Portal gun help!

    Hi all: I want to build a portal gun for my brother for Halloween, and I have NO idea where to start. I don't have a lot of money for PVC piping and wood, nor do I have a workshop with a jig saw or anything complicated like that. (I've seen a ton of tutorials on how to use mesh grating and...
  17. I

    Long Fall Boots/Chell WIP

    This is a project of mine which has been on standby for a very long time, and as I'm finally starting on it all again I thought I would share what I'm doing as I go (as if there weren't enough Long Fall Boot threads out there already...). I've also got most of the parts for the rest of the...
  18. KennyZ

    Portal 2's Space Core puppet

    I've loved Portal from the first time I played it and in Portal 2 I met Space Core. Wheatley was cool but Space Core was hilarious. Then he joined me in Skyrim thanks to Valve's DLC. I decided to build a puppet for Pensacon last February. I put him together in 5 months so the detail isn't so...
  19. A

    Wooden Portal Companion Cube!

    Hey guys, I have recently played portal 2 and as i'm a carpenter it has inspired me to make a wooden Companion Cube, my plan is to keep the finished prop and then sell it later on when it starts getting in the way. I made a companion cube a year back after Portal 1 and this one is slightly...
  20. Triple 8 Props

    Portal Gun Build by a 14 Year Old (Pic Heavy)

    After reading Harrison Krix's blog posts (that's posts plural) over and over again, I decided I needed to make one myself (I should mention my build will be almost exactly the same as his only I'm 14 years old). I started similar to the way he did by making blueprints, and printing them full...
  21. Triple 8 Props

    Need Portal Gun Electronics Help!

    Basically, I have been looking into building a portal gun, and I have everything figured out except for the lighting with LEDs. After seeing the one made by Volpin Props, I decided I cannot make this without some awesome lighting. I do not want to wimp out an put a flashlight in there, I want...
  22. Devi13

    Companion Cube; pink insulation foam help!

    Hello! I'm starting on a companion cube from the game Portal made entirely out of pink insulation foam (to be coated in fiberglass resin eventually). This is my first time using this material and I've gotten some of my thinner pieces cut already, but I've hit a snag in that I don't know how to...
  23. nukeproof

    when life gives you lemons.. go all portal on its ass!

    hi guys, so a few weeks ago i posted up my take on a portal 2 combustible lemon grenade (here http://www.therpf.com/f9/portal-2-combustible-lemon-206705/) which im currently taking orders on for a limited run of resin kits and fully finished lemons. whilst i was doing my research on this though...
  24. nukeproof

    Portal 2 combustible lemon

    hi guys here's my take on a Cave Johnson combustible lemon, I've noticed not many people have ever really tried to make a prop of this (or at least that i have seen) so let me know what you guys think :) enough of a response and i might look at producing a couple :)
  25. Slythenperior

    Half Size Personality Core

    Well I shall tell you the story behind this first. My girlfriend loves portal and her favourite character is Wheatley. So for Christmas I am making her a half size replica. I got a replicator2 in may and so far have only been making small things and commissions. I have been looking at what...