Replica costume luke rotj fabrics


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my boyfriend is planning to make a replica of Luke’s costume of rotj Jedi palace. With a lot of reading we figured out that the fabric used in the costume was raw tussah silk. Some people bought it at Thaisilk but they don’t supply that anymore. Does anyone have another website or maybe more info about the fabrics
These are the fabrics you're looking for!

Though not shown, I have fabrics to make just about every costume Luke wore in the original trilogy that I can make available in the shop. ANH Homestead/ main costume, ESB Fatigues, Jedi ensemble, X-Wing Flightsuit and Jacket, Hoth Outfit, ESB Medical Robes, Yavin Ceremony.

I also carry Anakin, Obi-Wan (Prequels and ANH), Qui-Gon, Han fabrics, Superheroes and more.

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