Our Man Flint : Exotica Jar

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by poormansjb, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. poormansjb

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    Though the label is certainly custom, I've got to imagine the jar used for the Exotica mind-control drug in Our Man Flint was an existing item; anybody recognize it?

  2. Wes R

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    It looks like it would have been a souvenir picked up someplace.
  3. ed-209

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    "It's a simple jar of cold cream...for one's wife"

    Alan, been looking for it myself for years. I speculate the figure of the girl is from a hula doll grafted unto the lid of the jar. I agree the label is custin.
  4. Alan Castillo

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    I think the top part may be half of a hula dancing girl figure or something like that. A vintage one perhaps, because nowadays, they all have the leis and bikini tops cast into the model.

    Then they stuck it on the base and then onto a can.



    EDIT - I see ed-209 already came to that conclusion too :lol
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  5. Apollo

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    Great topic.

    I am surprised the Flint films are not discussed much on this board as he had a few cool gadgets imo.
  6. division 6

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    I was thinking about the jar the last few times I watched the movie.

    Indeed some cool props.
  7. Shylaah

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    Yeah, some little ceramic figure, possible a souvenir.

    I thought the poses of the hula dancers looked a bit more animated than that of the figure
    on the jar and the woman on the jar looks a bit more erotic than a hula dancer. So I went
    a Goggling to see what I could find!

    Gawd!, I hope this isn't consider ceramic porn....:$
    but not much more risque than what's on the prop!?!
    :unsure better censor it anyway, even if it is just ceramic........
    This one even has a flower by her side like the prop.

    Certainly too risque for me to do anymore searching, things there *I* don't want
    to see, but you gents may not object!?

    Seems there were figures like the one on the prop jar that were 3D ceramic pin-up girls
    figurines in the 1950s.

    ceramic pin up figurines
    and ceramic burlesque pin up figures bring up a few. With some
    good Googling one might be lucky enough to find the actual vintage 'girl'!

    Guess it would be a moot point to wish you happy hunting!? :)


    EDIT: After studying the woman on the jar a bit more, and doing a bit more searching
    even though I said I wouldn't, she does look decidedly Hawaiian or other Islander.
    Maybe it was a mermaid figurine?


    Most of the pin-up girls figurines look too All American Girl, and the hula dancers
    look too "happy".
    Why doesn't Google just show me the right one so I can move on along!? :lol
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