Origins of "greebly" (greeblie)

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by bobasfett, Jan 9, 2006.

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    I've had a production used ANH tractor beam set blueprint for a while which was issued to build the set in England. I was looking at it this weekend and noticed the word 'greebly dressing' was used refering basically to misc. items on top of the center core where Ben turns off the tractor beam.

    I had heard Lucas first used the word in an interview but was wondering if anyone knew who did the engineering drawings for 20th century fox. I'm still wondering if Lucas made the word up or if it showed up on the set blueprints and he just used it after that.

    Sorry if this is old news.......
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    The terms "greeblies" and "nurnies" have been used for a long time to describe kit parts used to detail miniatures... I'd look back to the Gerry Anderson shows of the 1960s and 70s for a possible origin, or maybe they were in use long before that, I don't know.

    - k
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    I posted this a while back over on The Dented Helmet, hope it helps.

    The Greeblies were a German punk band, circa 1968-1971. They had a small cult following of devoted fans here in the states who changed fashion history forever by gluing small, seemingly random bits of junk all over their clothing. These fans, calling themselves "Greebs", were known to run wild after concerts, accosting innocent passers-by, shouting incoherently, and doing generally naughty things.
    The band's leader, Myopis Punderheimer, encouraged these antics, stating once, "Hey, it's all about the bits and pieces, isn't it?"
    Sadly, the band broke up, choosing to follow "Solo" projects.

    :lol :lol
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    Earliest reference I've come across is a 1975 Joe Johnston sketch.

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