Original V2 switch

Mouse Vader

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There has always been something bugging me about the Vader graflex swap. If the barbican stunt wasn't working, for whatever reason, why swap it for something else that also doesn't/can't work and doesn't look right as well ? Why not just carry on with it not plugged in?
I can only come up with the answer that the barbican could no longer retain a blade which also explains why he's seen holding the barbican hilt around the shroud & on the blade ie holding it in.


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Because it's faster to hand Prowse a different handle with a blade attached, than to stop and re-attach a new blade to the one he's using. If he's repeatedly breaking them, it makes sense to have a couple of standbys for quick swapping, thinking nobody will ever notice or care.

To clarify, I just meant the idea of having a motorized spinning blade was abandoned early on. They could still use the hilts as non spinning stunts. But the rods were snapping easily from clashing them together. So lets say they had 4 stunts, Prowse had the barbican, and there were a few others being repaired or at the ready. They do a take and he breaks a rod, so they grab it from him and put another stunt in his hand (the graflex stunt with a painted tip) and do another take while the prop guys go back and put a new rod back in the Barbican, which is now ready to take another beating if needed.


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There were a lot of decisions due to time or $ constraints that didn't make total sense during these films. We see them though, and have heard explanations that, for whatever reason, they went with.