Original stormtrooper vader...

Well the Vader helmet does not look very good judging by their store photos, sure it's a Vader but in a generic sort of way. Ainsworth's stuff is overpriced and not screen accurate in my view. There are far better options out there.
Go here:


best trooper armor available. Seek out a efX legend Vader or go to the Prop Den for a Vader helmet. The new Quasimodo V2 ANH is awesome and affordable. AA stuff is not worth it and not what he claims. Do a search here and you will find all the info you need.
Yeah, I'm aware of the Quasimodo V2's. They're very nice. I'm hoping to get a setup. I'm new here, so I don't know yet.. I need a half cape & maybe a chest box to go w/it. Not sure if Bookface or MAC, make those.
I've got a Quasimodo V2 (look at my avatar) and I can assure you it is a work of art.
Mac is the sculpting guy but if you need the helmet :D you have to contact bookface.

As far as Stormtrooper, no doubts at all...RS!

Hope this will be helpful


UOTE=CJM1976;3561102]Yeah, I'm aware of the Quasimodo V2's. They're very nice. I'm hoping to get a setup. I'm new here, so I don't know yet.. I need a half cape & maybe a chest box to go w/it. Not sure if Bookface or MAC, make those.[/QUOTE]
If you're new to acquiring a Darth Vader 1:1 costume and on a budget there's always Darth Ugly helmet and chest armor also by CSMacLaren and bookface ... also the http://forum.501stsithlords.com/index.php?act=idx is a great site for advice whether or not you want to make a 501st approved Vader or not become a member and make 1 post or introduction and the General Store and Market Place will become available ... with a lot of Vader parts vendors but it can be a waiting game even when you can afford all the high end stuff :)

Thanks guys, for the advice. At this point, I'm hoping to get in a the Quasimodo V2, set. Then all I'll need is a "Half Cape" to go w it, & a chest box. My Vader will be for dispaly purposes, only.
First off, regarding Original Stormtrooper, owner Andrew Ainsworth is not the sculptor of the original Stormtrooper helmet. That honor goes to the late Ms. Liz Moore whose work Ainsworth despicably plagiarized. Helmets coming from his "original molds" look skewed and warped when compared with the screen used ones, and RS Propmasters is by far more accurate as far as Stormtroopers go than Ainsworth's.

Moreover, Ainsworth's Stormtrooper armor was created by illicitly copying the armor of an RPFer, so on the basis of plagiarism alone, I do not recommend any self-respecting prop collector support his business.

I honestly don't know what's more sad - that he continues this "Original Stormtrooper" angle, or that his misguided fan base are so starstruck that they offer props to him that he historically had never come in contact with for him to turn into his own products, unless he scoured around for something to recast on his own.

Lest anyone or Ainsworth himself accuse me of bias because I have sculpted Vader projects, I encourage you to visit The Prop Den and study up on Vader before you impulse buy and regret your purchase. There is a variety of vendor merchandise out there that many end up with buyers regret over. Please don't make the same mistakes we have made - me especially.

There is a bad loss of detail with his Vader, and an inaccurate paint job. It looks to me personally like he used something like a Don Post as a starting point, and at approx US$760, yes, I agree with what's already been said so far. You can get far more bang for your buck.
I cancelled my offer on Ebay for a "OS" Vader set, after reading & hearing everything that I've been told. Whether it be people on here, or other's elsewhere.

Here's another guy I should ask you guys about then. PORTUMAC?? What's his story?? I'm asking all these questions because, I don't want to get taken for a large sum of money. In fact, I don't want to get ripped off at all LOL. Nobody does. So I figure if I'm going to purchase a set from someone, somewhere, it's going to be legit, & of high end quality. I have the funds, just want to make sure I'm using them, wisely. Thanks.
Mac is being nice...

I'll go a step further and say that Ainsworth is a no talent fish pond maker. That's it.

He had plastic and vac formers in the right place at the right time. No more.

If you had a lineup of 5 different helmets he couldn't pick out the most accurate... He has no idea.

CSMacLaren knows more about a single square inch of Vaders face than AA knows about anything regarding the accuracy of Star Wars props. Of ANY kind.

I have 5 trooper helmets of varying accuracy... My oldest least accurate piece is better than his stuff. The way his hero TK helmets are assembled is hideous. The faceplate is jutted way out on the lower jaw.

He's not just a lying POS. His stuff is just not accurate. Period.

His presentation, plaques, stands and paperwork all look nice. (Part of his lure and lies to get your $$$!)

But that's it.

Go to propden. Ask questions, do research to find exactly what you want.

You will thank us!

And also checkout starwarshelmets.com

There is Soo much better out there for a LOT LESS... Or a lot more and actually WORTH IT!

I too suggest the Quasimoto.

But there are MANY options...

I have an eFX legend ANH, and a DarthStone 20th century. And love them both for very different reasons!

Good luck! And let us know what you decide!
What do you mean by a 'half cape'? Making a full cape yourself is quite tricky . . . many have tried, most have failed horribly . . . it all comes down to precise hanging on the shoulder armor, which can be quite tedious. Next to thepropden you could join the SLD forums as I suggested before ... you may even score a nice left-over KevVader cape or buy a new one (just get in line) the same goes for that chestbox.

I found this lay-out online for a full cape ... if you just use half of the length of 2 meters ... 5 panels should be okay :

The black 5/8 ring in the center is a leather piece ... I hope that helps if you want to give it a go :)

With regards to PORTUMAC...I can't speak for anyone else, or even make an 'official' complaint (because I don't have the evidence to absolutely prove it), but so far, they are the only person I know of that has patently recast, and is selling on, the Death Star Modules I have made. Take from that what you will, but I guess if they can do it for one thing, I wouldn't trust that they weren't doing it for something else.

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