ORIGINAL GEMINI 12(Jupiter 2) Minature from LOST IN SPACE


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Here now is the Gemini 12...The actual miniature 4' from Lost in Space seen in the Pilot episode. She is being restored and will be seen at the 50 th Lost in Space celebration, Thanks to Kevin Burns. I originally reached out to the owner of the prop in hopes of restoring her myself, but the logistics of shipping the prop to me in terms of location and packaging proved impractical. So still wanting this piece of Sci Fi history restored to her former glory, I reached out to my friend Paul Lubliner. Paul has a long list of credentials one being he worked on The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen. He supplied the Seaview you see June Lockhart standing behind in the Voyage to the Bottom of The Sea segment. Paul has been working tirelessly to restore the prop to it's original condition. "ORIGINAL" being the key word, which is what the client insisted on! In the top photo is the miniature now after months of Paul's hard work, the bottom left is the miniature when Paul Received it and the remaining photo is of the ship in a scene from the pilot episode. As mentioned, she will be at the 50TH celebration on Jan 23-25 at the LAX Westin Hotel, 5400 W Century Blvd. I am very proud to have been involved in bringing back this Sci Fi Icon!

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Man, I absolutely loved Lost In Space when I was growing up. The Jupiter 2/Gemini 12 was one of the best designed ships at the time. The late Robert Kino****a nailed it with the J2 and B9 robot. Really wish I could get to see her in person, but that's not going to happen. Glad to see the ol' girl returned to her former glory. I remember seeing in a Starlog magazine where both the Jupiter 2 and Flying Sub were in an auction. The Flying Sub sold and the J2 did not meet its reserved bit of around $400. Oh, the pain... the pain.
Holly Cow. My two favorite shows as a kid, displaying he original models from the show on the same weekend on separate coasts. The Gemini 12 and the TOS Enterprise. Wonder if I can make it to both? It's like they are planning to make it hard, whew...
Ok part one is done. Got to see the 11 foot TOS Enterprise today. Pic soon. Capt. Solo did the Gemini 12 make it to the LA show? I land there in 6 hours.
Thats great news!

Was very sad to hear Of Robert K's passing in December.

Great to see his legacy is being well cared for future generations
Whew, made it. What a weekend; First 1701 then Gemini 12. Here are some shots:

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