ORCA scratch build


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orca model.png
I bought some plans to make the orca a long time ago. Just one of those projects I'd get to one day. I wanted to do it in 6th scale but I have to admit I just don't have the room for it. So because Neca has the new Hooper that settled it for scale. I'll have to make a Brody but thats little potatoes to the amount of detail in the rest of it. I've started from scratch because none of the plans I have, have the shape quite right. This won't be a 3d printed project this time as I have a load of timber that needs to be used.


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I was excited then a little disappointed as I thought it would be ORAC from Blakes 7


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Good luck flimzy with your build going forward. I am a model ship scratch builder at heart. Presently deeply in a side venture with a “space” ship, but will be watching your progress. Wood is a great material. Do not be afraid to freely use brass and aluminum for keel, bracing, hatches, fittings, etc.


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Very cool I my self was wondering what a ORAC is yep very nice detail on your figures Great work can't wait to see more


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So I think I've got the proportions right now. (For me anyway) I did have an overall dimension that worked. So I've been working off things I can, like the size of the cage, barrels, and actors' height compared to screen grabs. This isn't to say I haven't got it wrong but as it stands now am at 47'7" with the platform and 39'7" without. that would make my model 5'3" (1620mm)
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You will be happy building the boat model in a large size. Easier to work on, room for details, facilitates changes in construction without ruining work already accomplished. Also, the eye is drawn to viewing the finished model in segments when close up and that adds to the enjoyment when admiring the design.


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So, first render of the shape so far. This has none of the detail or props, that will come later I just need the CAD model to start making the paper plans. having done a deep dive in to screen shots during this prosses I've noticed I need to redo the roof and upper deck angles. but the proportions are in the right place now. I start cutting wood next week.
I've ordered hardwood for the cabin the rest I'll make from the scraps I have in my workshop.


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well its been raining here so did the changes to the roof and added some more details. I'm pretty happy with the scale now don't thing I can get it much closer without standing next to the real thing and that is out of the question now.
I really like what you're doing with this build! Looking forward to seeing the Orca done out and these figures manning her!

BTW: nice work on Hooper's sweater! :D

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