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Hi! I need help with making my first ever batsuit. My plan was to buy a spandex onesie, attach the symbol with EVA foam, and from there use EVA foam for the gaunlets and utility belt. Oh and to buy the cowl from somewhere. But I'm wondering if there would be an easier way. Btw i am from brazil so for the materials i'd prefer if they were things that are available to buy, or to ship to here.

P.S This is the design i have in mind
Here's my two cents, I hope it's usefull:

-For the "spandex onesie" the more high end option that looks a bit like that is Robert's Workshop's 'Comic Book Bat'. If you're going for a bit more budget suit, Mr Zentai might be your guy.
-The Bat Texan has a similar cowl called 'Justice League/Fabok'. Make sure to know what the circumference of your head is before you start buying cowls though!
-Using EVA for the chest emblem seems like a good idea. It's what I do at least. Use Plastidip for the right finish!
-Making a belt out of EVA is harder, but certainly doable. There are usefull patterns you can find online. I recommend the Foam Cave.
-As for the boots, I think you'll get VERY close by putting the New52 boot covers by HernandezFX over motorcycle boots.

Good luck!
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