Old,OLD subject. Sauron's Mace !


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Gone but not forgotten.
Ok, I brought this up about a year ago so
I was watching LOTR this week and it hit me.

WHAT ever happened to that Mace from UC ?
I know I remember thier being " talk " about it on
some Boards. One person claiming there WERE
Proto's made, other's claiming there were NOT.
Then the Legal commments about it not being allowed in
some Countries ?

Anyone got the straight deal on that one ?

Of all the weapons { NEXT to Anduril } I really
REALLY wanted to get a Mace .



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You mean the witch king's mace? The one he shatters Eowyn's arm with?


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Gone but not forgotten.
Nope, SAURON'S MACE.... :D

I know there WAS talk of it a good LONG
time ago but NOTHING ever for sale ???? :confused

Also, jsut curious, was there ever a site on the Net
that posted the WEAPONS from LOTR ? I know there
was allot about the set pieces and armour but I was curious
of images of the Mace ?


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Amazing mace BlindSquirrel.
The finish on it looks fantastic too.

High praise, indeed. I am humbled before your amazing work, Kroperkel...I am a big fan.

I have detail shots of the mace on my blog. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Mace Blog photos