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Hey all, been on here for awhile...finally got some pics of some of my props I have made over the years. With any luck, the pics show up. This is my Logan's Run flame pistol. Machined from aluminum, and I decided against the cal/carbide fiery bit in favor of a luxeon3 3 watt green led.
It sure is bright. It works in the sabers I have made, so it seemed like a good option. I believe someone here had done the same a while back, which is where I got the idea. Any hoo...here are the pics..I hope...and the flame pistols 1:6 counterpart...aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel.

Thanks for looking.

http://www.image4u.org/host/file.php?userid=redcobalt60&file=My Props/one sixth scale21024.jpg

http://www.image4u.org/redcobalt60/My Props/one sixth DSGun1024.jpg

http://www.image4u.org/redcobalt60/My Props/Sandman DS Gun firing21024.jpg

http://www.image4u.org/redcobalt60/My Props/Sandman DS Gun1024.jpg

Fixed...I think!! Again, thanks for looking and sorry bout the missing pics.
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The thumbnails look nice, but there is an "image not found" filler that appears when I go to any of the links.
Have they been removed?

Randy of AFTimes

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Ooooo... very nice.
It's a dream of mine to own an operational Sandman gun.

AND a 1/6 version?!
I don't suppose you have any more of them, eh?


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Thanks to all for looking, and the comments...yep, I'm a dufus...corrected the pics. Sorry. As for the 1:6th scale one, that is my second one, I made one for a fellow 1:6 collector many moons ago. It really was easier to make than I thought...tricky in spots, but doable!
The 1:6 components are: muzzle..aluminum tubing, main barrel with vents..plastic rod with milled vents, the end was also aluminum, the grip/frame is plastic drawer divider, and the end cap was a small 4mm stainless steel bolt that I milled on an indexing 5C collet spacer with a reeeeaaaaal small endmill. lol