logan's run

  1. EasternBloc

    Logan's Run Hand Sculpture with Palm Crystal

    So I've been wanting to tackle this for a while, but only got started today. The sculpture in question is an amazingly large hand and wrist complete with glowing palm crystal that is faceted and mirrored. No idea how to tackle the mirror part, but hey it's early. This screenshot shows the...
  2. Wheatbee

    Calcium Carbide in Canada

    I wasn't sure if this was the proper forum to post this inquiry, so if it isn't perhaps someone could correct me. :) Anyways, recently I received my Rylo crafted, Logan's Run Sandman Flame Gun and I'm just loving it. There are times when I just sit and stare at this wonderful prop for no...
  3. Haji

    NEW Question about DS Gun Specs (width?)

    I about to begin making my first DS Gun(movie version), but I am having a hard time verifying the length/height of the gun. I am using the same blueprints I see many others using but when I compare the width of the barrel versus the total length it seems off. I end up with 10 3/8" long and 4...
  4. Delmustator

    D-Projects: Logan's Run-Deep Sleep Gun Builds - Electronic Version

    This thread is to document my build of the fine Logan's Run : Deep Sleep Gun kit from Nicksdad. For this project, I will be adding a Blaster Core v3 from Plecter Labs to provide the lights and sound effects desired. The BCv3 will be powered by dual 14450 Li-Ion batteries. I have not decided...
  5. Luke Warmwater

    My Nicksdad DS Gun Build COMPLETED!

    I recently got one of Nicksdad's fantabulous DS gun kits and I wanted to share my build progress so far. I really can't say enough good things about the kit. It's all nicely machined aluminum and well-cast resin. So far, I've completed the assembly: DS gun by WF&DT, on Flickr...
  6. redcobalt60

    Old member..finally got pics..Sandman Gun

    Hey all, been on here for awhile...finally got some pics of some of my props I have made over the years. With any luck, the pics show up. This is my Logan's Run flame pistol. Machined from aluminum, and I decided against the cal/carbide fiery bit in favor of a luxeon3 3 watt green led...