Officially Licensed KISS Replica Costumes by UD Replicas


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Hey Everyone,


So what is 'KISS Replicas?'

KISS REPLICAS is your source for Officially Licensed High End KISS Replica Costumes under license by Epic Rights.

http://WWW.KISSREPLICAS.COM **Website is under construction!!**

Licensed KISS Costumes, Armor, Platform Boots and KISS Accessories all produced by UD Replicas, the licensed division Universal Designs Ltd.
Product breakdown will consist of High End KISS Costume Replicas of their stage wore costumes.

1974 – Present Day.
All band members Demon, Starchild, Spaceman, Catman consisting of the following:

Costume Armor Parts, Spandex Costumes (tops, leggings), Platform Boots, Jackets, and accessories such as Demon Wings, Cod Pieces, Capes, and Gloves.

Officially Licensed High End KISS Costumes are coming....and they're unlike anything you've ever seen!
Keep an eye on the website as it will go live very soon!


Rock On Everyone!
David Pea
KISS Replicas - UD Replicas is now online.
Be sure to register for our newsletter because the Official KISS Costume product release date is now closing in.
Get advanced notice, and be ready!

Full suits will begin to roll out one at a time...and for now here's another Demon MONSTER teaser.
The dream is about to become reality.


KISS: The Demon LOVE GUN. Official Costume Replica.

The Blood Spitting, Fire Breathing Demon of KISS now comes to life in this fully wearable licensed 'stage replica' costume.
*Coming Soon!*

*Want advanced notice of pending product releases? Be sure to sign up to our Newsletter at


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Here's a cool progress pic showing part of what's going into the 'making of' our Monster Armor.:cool


Some might notice that our forming 'bucks' are not white. That's because they're not stone, plaster or ultra-ca. We're using Metal Alloys for all of our molds/bucks.
Simple. Using metal forms we can guarantee that each and every one of our armor 'pulls' will be identical to the very first.
Quality, Accuracy and Commitment to a Solid Product! That's what we're hard at work preparing for. :thumbsup

Those bucks look tongue wagging good! ;)

LOL, why thank you Sir. :lol

'Spike' castings from our Demon Monster Costume. Injection molded ABS plastic cast in neutral colors because these were quick material tests. Next come the paint masters.


These Boots were made for ROCKING!!
As we near the end of our pre production sample work and in house production training, here's a look at our Demon MONSTER Shell Masters in final stage of clean up.

*All KISS Replica Costume Boots will be available in Standard American Sizes, with respective European sizes listed as well.
Be sure to sign up to our Newsletter at and get advanced notice of our KISS Costume Replicas pending release!


Yeah man!

Looking good!!

I'm surprised Ry has not posted but there is a Hurricane warning right now so I'm sure he is probably making another one of his 20 mile treks back from being blown off course while Kite boarding! :D
And now some KISS Demon - Unmasked Costume Progress...:angel
This image shows our shoulder armor, and it took forever to take this photo of ours in a similar angle as this photo so that it would line up...and it's still not perfect but you get the idea.
This is a massive, massive ongoing project....huge, but we're working off of original bucks used for making this same costume so we've really hit the ground running on this one.
Oh and the boots, yea...did I say massive? ;)


Very cool stuff! good on you staying as close to the original costumes as possible!


I'm not much of a Kiss fan but it seems that all you're missing is Gene Simmon's sweat!! Will you have a demon tongue prosthetic? :D
Thanks folks, and yes Rylo is good people. ;) Still not getting perfect alignment with the pics of our armor overlapped onto an image of the actual stage worn armor but we were able to line up another part - more or less. Here's what the shoulder and bicep together look like. This time the shoulder was not at all photographed in the right position for this particular photo but it still serves to show what we're doing and how it's starting to shape up. You can see just the edge of where the bicep spike sticks out of the bicep buck. That serves as the hole punch for when we'll slide the actual ABS spikes through the armor later on.


More to come. :)

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Another quick update and please keep in mind that each part of the arm armor was photographed separately so naturally once overlapped onto an image, the pieces won't 'exactly' appear to line up....but in person, WOW!!
Look closely and you'll see the pre positioned 'Spike' guides in the bucks.
And those boots, wait until you see those Beasts!


The Demon and the Daredevil...:D

One by one, all of Unmasked Demon Costume Pieces are coming out of their respective molds.
Here's one of the cast shoulders with the first few layers of paint added, with still a bit more color to go.


Tonnes more to come!

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