odd question

Mike J.

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Doesn't Captain Jack Sparrow have a deer bone in his hair or something?

I know H. R. Giger used a lot of bones and even a skull in making the Alien suit and sets...

Lady Inali

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yes real bones. I plan on casting some as well so i can have more selections to help people on a budget or that are willing to pay more for real bones


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Yes, I have. I did the Professor character from "House of 1000 Corpses" and his costume was adorned with bones. I had a box of various animal bones that I used. I'm sure a professional casting would look pretty good, but nothing from local costume shops looked real enough. Plus, a resin cast would be much heavier. Dried bones are very light weight.


Jr Member
I knew a guy who went to concerts with a necklace made of chicken bones around his neck (ahh, black metal concerts) - just make sure you do something to completely dry/bake/rot them out before you use any of them, otherwise you'll be with him in the box of "dude smells like rotting KFC", which in the black metal world, is a possible plus (maybe?) but may not quite be what you want.
I remember I was going to a halloween party in college once and I was going as a witch doctor. I scraped some old costume stuff together but REALLY wanted to sew bones to a tophat I had but there was neither time nor the budget for going to buy them at a halloween store. And so at dinner that evening I noticed chicken wings were available and well....I had a lovely dinner of mediocre dinning hall chicken wings, kept the bones, scrubbed the **** out of them back in my dorm and the rest was history.
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