Non working Javelin prop


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For a simple, or so I hope prop project I want to build a non-working javelin missle launcher.

I know it probably sounds stupid, but I like the way it looks.

Can someone who knows how to look at things tell me the best and easiest way to go about making the site box for it???
Also Im trying to find something that might show me what the user side of the site box might look like.
The launcher is simple it looks like a large PVC pipe with donuts on it, but the site box I cant figure out the best route with.
Thought about cutting styrene or wood and gluing it together, but wood would leave the grain look even after painting, or so I think, any help with ideas would be appreciatted.
Here is a link to the picture of the launch system Im talking about.
Again this is just for a static something to do display, maybe to help me get some more building knowledge before I tackle bigger projects.
Thanks in advance

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Be a Mainly Man and make it out of complete METAL... Erm...ahem...I dont know what your best bet would be, i suppose it would really depend on what resources you have available to you.


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I had debated about going with metal, problem is weight, have a feeling one of our custom mando units might want to carry it...
Besides its a military peice of hardware, it is probably 85% plastic anyways :p

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I think if it was all metal it would weigh around 100 lbs. Depending on the Metal. If you can do stuff like make custom molds, you could go with Plastic.

Well of course its plastic. War is just Bush playing with his Army Men.


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That weapons system looks like it would be a whole lot of weight to pull around during, lets say a convention. Though it may look cool it may be a bit too combersume(spelling??) to deal with.

Why not go for something more "light weight" and mobile? Like the Swedish AT4?

Sorry for the shameless advert for swedish weaponary.. :angel


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There's a couple of ways to do it.

Sculpt it in pieces (or make wooden forms) and vac form a shell. Then you can fill the shell with expanding foam for rigidity and light weight.

Sculpt it in pieces and make solid resin castings.

Make a dummy out of cardboard to figure out dimensions and ratios. Once you've got those figured out, transfer the template to .080 styrene. You can use stryrene to make internal braces and then fill it with expanding foam.

The easiest (but least exact) would be to find existing rubbermaid/tupperware containers and see what you can do with those. Maybe get some old PC joysticks off of ebay and use those for the handles. Use some wood for the handle brace on the bottom.

This is one hell of a complex build for a first attempt, though. This doesn't even begin to remotely resemble anything close to simple, but good luck anyhow.



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wow, lots of good ideas.

I like the other launshers to, but they just dont seem to have the pull power as the javelin does for me. Although the simple bazooka would be, well simple.

The resin casting and molding/sculpting is really a great idea, Im currently being taught how to do that sort of thing, so it would probably go along way.

Thanks again :)