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Just about all of us are fed up with the sci-fi remakes.And with the scary might be re-make of predator that could be coming our way.I just thought you should know this.

The list of successful movies turned re-makes(Also noting who many times! re-done)
1.War of the worlds(7 times! also a tiny fun fact 2 others came out the same time as the Spielberg's one!)

2.The thing(2 times! and another coming coming this YEAR!)

3.The blob(3 times but 1 was actually good!)

4.Invasion of the body snatchers(3 times again!)

This could go on forever but think about it when something is updated that means the old incarnation is upgraded for the movie goers.The plot remains constant but the weapons aren't!Remember in predator 2 when the alien is hanging from the building.Well think about AVPs change.From powerful disk to ninja star!Also I f you look at the AVP armor when the Celtic rips half of his off it looks very similar to the first predators!So it means that now if we get a re-make of predator it's gonna be huge and bulky.Also a small cod piece dumbed down image really I would be happier with a AVP3 if it's gonna be like this.So what I say to that is F***!BOTTOM LINE YOU DON'T CHANGE WHAT WORKED THE FIRST TIME!IT"S A WAIST OF FILM!
Now that I got that off my chest what do you guys and gals think?
Remaking a pred movie is stupid... just make a new one... someone tell me that there aren't enough brains in hollywood to write another pred movie...c'mon
How COULD you remake PREDATOR anyway? It just seems with it's story and uniqueness it couldn't be remade. Sigh, but I'm sure they'd find some way to force a remake. Unfortunately movie remakes are like the little kid shape puzzles. If you try to force the triangle into the circle slot, it's gonna break. They'll end up trying so hard to make it their own they'll veer off course from the core elements of the original and ruin it for everyone. And God forbid they SCREW with the Predator design! Movies shouldn't be remade, they should be REFRESHED, given a good spit-polish for a newer generation of viewers. Don't change it, simply enhance what's already there.
However, I try to look at the bright side of things, and if they did insist upon a remake, I think Ian White is the top candidate for the Pred. He's got the experience, DEFINATELY the height, and I think Wolf showed us he's got the moves down.
I believe theres been a script for Predator 3 going around hollywood for a while, just no one has had the balls or more to the point GOOD SENSE to get it made

remake ot Predator would be a seriously BAD idea.
Remakes are pointless! The only way a remake works is if you take a movie that noone cared about and didn't work, and reshape it into something fresh and new. I'm sure there's some examples of it but can't think of any.
I hate it when they're trying to sell it off as a 're-imagining' or 'updated' version of the original movie, treating it like the original film isn't good enough anymore for today's audiences.
Like this, why do they need to remake it??
Think it's gonna be better than the original one? I highly doubt it...

Give us something NEW!
Movies shouldn't be remade, they should be REFRESHED, given a good spit-polish for a newer generation of viewers. Don't change it, simply enhance what's already there.

I agree that films shouldn't be remade, just enhanced, like Star Wars. The original film was cleaned up, enhanced and re-released again in the late 90's. I feel any more than that would be taboo.
Yup remakes are annoying. Like that Friday the 13th, what else can you do with that? As much as I like remakes - there's only so much you can do with a masked murderer.
Until Hollywood /studio looses enough money from the terrible remakes they will never stop trying. Until then lets stick to Fan Fiction.
Hmmm....I kinda like most of the remakes, it's like a re-telling for the new generation. I do agree with you guys that it is very hard to capture the origianl feel, tone, and mood of the original. It's not a bad thing to me. Another thing to keep in mind is that maybe the "creative well" is running dry? With the surge of novel and comic book movies, it is very hard to come up with origianl ideas. Just my thoughts on the subject......not trying to step on anyone's toes.

I would be happy to see them make any kind of Pred movie just to be able to see some new film. I of course would like it to be great but even if it is mediocre or remake or whatever it's something to check out. Maybe some new weapons or hot chicks too spice it up :)
Maybe some criminal humans could kidnap a Ruling Elders youngster son that was observing daddy hunt on earth and sell him to an exhibitor. Will have to call in the Pred Mod Squad to rescue. All the bioys would be there! High security with lots of human contact and casualtys. :)
I better go starting to ramble. I think it's time for my medication. :)
FOX chairman Tom Rothman told IESB today that, although he’s open to the idea, there’s nothing solid to suggest Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to the “Predator” series after he wraps up his Governorship. It’s a pipe dream of producer John Davis apparently, and might just stay that way.

‘’You'll forgive me if I'm a little skeptical about John and that but...just give the Governor my number’’, Rothman tells the site. ‘’Tell him as soon as he gets the state budget signed to call me’’.

Davis told that he’d decided to let the “Aliens Vs. Predator” franchise rest for a while and was instead developing a third “Predator” remake – one that may bring back Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character ‘Dutch’.

Rothman suggests that if Schwarzenegger doesn’t return as Dutch they could remake the original 1987 film. i posted this on a thread pred3 looks like its been binned,could do a follow up with arnie n danny glover to find out what the goverment know about the preds visiting earth......
There was talk a while ago about a "Predator" remake, but it was dropped due to the fact that it was just a stupid ******* idea. There will never be a Predator remake because there's no reason to do so. The movie itself still holds up today.

The Blob, sure... with technology in filmaking nowadays, there could be some pretty interesting "re-interpretations." The Blob from the '80's was cool because they pushed it and got some pretty horrific scenes. I still have nightmares about the blob, so way to go on that.

"The Thing," the same thing. There was some awesome work on the '80's remake, and it still creeps me out. With what's available now, I think they could "perhaps" bring a lot more to the idea. A hell of a lot more creepy and realistic stuff.

War of the Worlds... how about no? I got my fill watching Spielbergs re-raping of the original, and that was enough for me. It was stupid, and it barely constitutes a movie you'd watch when you're bored. Sorry, try again.

Invasion of the body snatchers... ok. Really? I've never seen the original, or any form of remake of the original. So yeah. that's how important that is.

Remakes seem to be the easy way out nowadays. They make it seem like there's not one original idea in Hollywood whatsoever. So the safe bet is to remake something that's already been seen - easy money.
Remakes seem to be the easy way out nowadays. They make it seem like there's not one original idea in Hollywood whatsoever. So the safe bet is to remake something that's already been seen - easy money.

Yeah, with all the remakes out there, it does feel (to me) like Hollywood is scraping the bottom of the barrel for new, fresh script ideas.

With the number of talented people here, I'm surprised the Lair hasn't put together it's own backyard studio project. Maybe a webisode series... I'm sure there are plenty of volunteers.

Video contest perhaps?
I wish the **** these people would forget Arnold and Danny Glover already. They're both too old and Glover was a bad choice any way. And forget remaking Predator. Come up with something ORIGINAL!!!. Hell, they should just look on this board and stop paying those brain-dead fools all that money to come up with something that is so obviously way beyond them. They could take a page from Paramount's book and rip off a real fan's idea. Star Trek does it all the time. At least we'd finally get something good.
About THE THING remake, if you haven't heard...
By George 'El Guapo' Roush on September 12, 2008
Today to I spoke to director Marc Abraham whose new movie, “Flash of Genius” is coming out soon. But he's not known for directing. he's know for producing. One of his future projects is a remake of the 1982 horror classic “John Carpenter's The Thing.”

I asked Marc how can you possibly top the 1982 version and whether or not it is a remake or a sequel. This was his reply:

"This is more of a prequel than a sequel, there is your exclusive. Its going to be taking place in the same time frame."

So I asked him if we are going to find out the origins of the alien and it landing on earth and he said:

“These are the events leading up to the 1982 film.”

As most of you know, "The Thing" is a 1982 science fiction and horror film directed by John Carpenter, and starred Kurt Russell.

The film is about a shape-shifting alien that is revived after being frozen in ice. The alien infiltrates a scientific research station in the Antarctic and kills a Norwegian research team. A nearby American research team investigates the incident and is in turn infiltrated by the alien. Blood, gore and a head with spider legs ensue.

So this means that we get to find out what Norwegian research team went through!!

This is really exciting news as long as they get the story and casting great, this doesn’t sound like a remake but a whole new story leading up to the 1982 version.

Excited? I sure am. Unfortunately I only had a few minutes with the guy so I couldn't ask him anything else on it, but this is pretty good news for fans of the John Carpenter version.

Thought? Comments? E-mail:
Personally, i like remakes. I really do. However some, like the thing, the blob and invasion of the body snatchers is to me a waste of money and effort. They were merely movies of their time and should reamin how they are. I was reading about a nightmare on elm street remake with billy bob thorton as freddy. I would go see that as ive seen all of the other slasher remakes. Some were good, some lacked. At this day and age, its very unfortunate that all horror films are remakes. Either asian horror remakes, or familiar remakes. The truth is, I beleive that people dont spend much time thinking about possibly creating a horror film because for some reason, critics etc wont take them as serious filmakers. Its tragically stupid, but its what it is. I mean every horror film that comes out critics either turn up their noses, or dont even look at it. However, movies like high school musical (that contains NO MERIT) will bet high reviews.
(not to change the sbject, but I did see underworld this weekend and was really impressed.)

but yeah, i would be pissed if they tried to remake alien, or the predator. BUt i wouldnt mind seeing new movies for those. but, we'll see.
Remakes are also being made of The Wolfman and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. I liked the remake of Halloween and i'm looking forward to the new Friday the 13th, just because i'm a fan of slasher movies.
As much as I want a new pred movie of any sort I just hope they dont bother cause it will be cack! And seriously.....Arnie was whooped by the first pred while at peak physical condition it would be stupid to pitt him against one now!!!!
Not to insult anyone, but I thought the Dune movie with McLachlan sucked even more than the TV remake. None of them can even begin to do the book justice.

I've seen so many remakes of old classics that I was starting to wonder when they'd start remaking the classics of MY generation... like Terminator, or Die Hard.

The silliest thing I've seen was a Hulk remake not even 4 yrs after the Eric Bana movie came out. wdf??
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