Ninja turtle suit, working mouth

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Hi here is the TNMT suit I just finished.

and here he is moving, not quite finished version.
I've been asked to explain the mouth mech. it's actually pretty simple,
here is a look at the undermask.


it is made from aluminum strips riveted together with a pivoting jaw that opens via a chin strap and closes via a spring.
Here I've cut some teeth out of plastic and added pink rubber gums and I've attached the top lip mechanism on pivots.

And these are the eyes, I blow formed them from clear acrylic and painted the inside.

put some foam on for lips and to check movement

and then added a little more and shot this vid
clear as mud?
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That is amazng. well done sir, seems pretty simple enough but u tackled it brilliantly!

thanks, I've been making masks based on this design since a teenager. I just worked it out, I'm sure others "invented" this idea too but I've stuck with it and worked out some bugs. I have others where both lips open and plenty of other self actuating moving parts.
hi guys, here are the best pics of the finished suit, hope you like it. and if you know any rich collectors, put them on to me.:lol:



This is pretty cool. Awesome work on the jaw/mouth. My only criticism is you twirl chucks like a girl.:lol
It looks awesome. Wish you were not across the pond but down the street. My three year old might eat his vegatables if one of the TMNT told him to.:lol
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