Nice-N Model Design message to all Studio Scalers!


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Sorry it has taken so long to post here. I want to let everyone know that has shown concern I appreciate all the well wishers and folks that have offered help. Truth is guys that there is nothing wrong except the fact I under estimated the Police Swing Weds-Saturday 1500 to 0300 shift. 2010 was an absolute kick in the you know what. As my last post indicated I lost my Resin guy to the USMC this past summer. After working those hours I was mentally, and physically beat and worn down. The truth is I could not keep up with trying to run a side business alone. I have started a new position with the police department. It’s a day shift assignment and being a creature of daylight has definitely improved my energy levels. I am currently training a new resin guy and have been hard at work getting everything lined out to take care of past due orders.

I have contacted industry famous resin kit makers and am working to reduce the work load so kits can be offered and delivered in a timely manner. I will be using two well known and reputable folks here on the RPF and will announce who will be doing what as soon as the agreements are made.

I will be working on several patterns now and molding a few new releases in 2011 once past due orders are filled. I want to devote the next several weeks to clear all back logged orders. Once complete I will announce where to get what from who for new and old studio scale models I offer. It’s a win situation for everyone.

I wanted to say this too. The main reason I don’t come here much is that I’m like a crack addict trying to sell crack! I mean I go to the Junk Yard and I gotta have stuff and I get out of control with my spending. I "use" more than I sell.. so to speak. In turn this causes stresses with the wife. So that’s why I’ve always put my number and email in every post so folks can call or email me. Hopefully once things are manageable I can control the JY addiction…

I am a studio scale junkie, They say the first obstacle to recovery is acknowledging you have a problem. Well I admitted here to everyone. I hope once I create a more manageable work load things will get back on track.
To those I owe. I will be contacting you through email to inform you of steps being taken to complete your order. Those of you that I have arrangements with (Nick, Vos) expect emails too. All aspects of situation will be rectified in a timely manner. Don’t hesitate in emailing me with particulars. NO one will be left hanging in the breeze. Not a single person. I know I’ve let you down but I am a fighter and will fight back and get a hold of this.

Priorities at the movement are
100% past due orders. Secondary establish reliable alternate producers for desirable kits and Third re establish a controllable situation where it’s fun again for me and folks are happy. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

I cannot thank each and every one of you guys for the support and kick in the butt you have given me over the years. Trust me. 2011 is looking good. Past due orders are taken care of. Work load is shared among the reliable garage kit producer community and all orders are shipped in a timely manner.

If you are an up and coming garage kit producer and want some patterns to run… contact me at my email address or give me a call. Maybe we can work out something out.
If it doesn’t work out... I will graciously bow out... once all past due orders are fulfilled. I’m a big enough man to know when it causing more harm than good.

Please contact me via email or phone 303 817 9339 I’d be happy to talk with you.
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Hey Steve,

Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear you got hammered with work, but glad its not been a really tragic event or something. The information vacuum was creating alot of guesses as to what was going on.

If we can sort out our last couple of kit swaps at some point that would be great. Like I said in one of my emails there's no rush.



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Be nice to see you back on the board soon Steve, working silly hours and running a sideline business will beat up on anybody, no doubt about that.

Mods, Help us wean Steve off the junkyard so we can have him back here shooting studio scale shenanigins with us and not in the doghouse with Mrs N lol.

Seriously though, some of the guys who were more prevailant here a few years ago, are missed.



Very professional and up-front of you Steve. (y)thumbsup
I'll give a call later today and see what Monkey Works can do to help you out.


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Thanks for the notice Steve!

I look forward to seeing some new (an old) models from you; I am very pleased with the 2 kits I got from you (even though I'm still waiting for the pdf instructions for the TIEs!) and I'm ready to build something new!
I missed out on the SS Imperial Shuttle; hopefully that will turn up for sale soon!

Very professional post and thanks for the update!


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Hi Steve.

Glad things are getting straightened out. I know what it's like to get bogged down with work and fall behind. I'm there right now!


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Huh, very funny. I've offerd casting help for a long time now. Left a bunch of messeges. Too bad you never took me up on the help. ALL of your past customers would have kits by now. Oh well. Good luck Steve.
George :wacko


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Huh, very funny. I've offerd casting help for a long time now. Left a bunch of messeges. Too bad you never took me up on the help. ALL of your past customers would have kits by now. Oh well. Good luck Steve.
George :wacko
Yeah, good call, kick a guy while he's down...seems a great idea, just the ticket to give him some energy and focus :rolleyes. Jeez, some of you guys crack me up.



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Hope all works out for you Steve! I can wait for the Y-Wing. I'll just have to complete my Star Destroyer, X-Wing, Eagle, PL Enterprise...Yeah, I can wait. :lol