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The other day I was browsing through the workspace thread where everyone was showing pictures of their work area and it got me thinking.

In the next couple of weeks we are moving into a house on 1 acre of land with a 3 car garage.
1/3 of the garage has already been designated as motorcyle storage and workout area.
The rest is designated workshop space.

Presently my main work is leatherworking and sewing, so I definitely need room for my leather sewing machine and I will be building a nice big modular table that can hold a full hide flat.

Other than that I am not sure what I want to do with the space.
I think maybe a small spray booth would be good, something I can store my air compressor under.
Maybe double as a resin casting table.

I would love to hear suggestions of what you guys would want in your workshop.
I guess no one has any kind of wish list for their current or dream workshop or any suggestions for how to set up a good workshop.
Guess Ill just go mind my own beeswax
Really, it just depressed me to think about it.

I have a 20x30 detached garage and it's filled with my mother in law's crap. I don't really have the money for tools, but I'd love a press, as I'm a printmaker by trade. I'd also love some basic tools, such as a table saw, a chop saw, a air compressor for a brad gun and such. And a belt sander...

Man, I really should just go clean up out there!
Auryn, what are your other areas of interest? You've said the leatherwork stuff is basicaly squared away. And since you said a small spray booth & store the compressor under it that eliminates having a larger compressor and the shop being piped with a full air setup. May want to consider a ventilation fan (even explosion proof depending on the type of paints)

Woodwork? Good shop vacuum or even central vac setup

if you make a lot of leather knife sheaths, getting into making kydex sheaths or leather wrapped kydex sheaths is something to consider.

Give us some more things your interested in and we can give you ideas.
Thank you all for the input.
Spent the weekend moving and don't have internet at home.
Unfortunately the move is still not finished.

I make a lot of chain maille pieces so I am looking to cut and anodize my own aluminum rings. I have found a few diy anodizing rigs but I don't know how realistic or successful those can be. Granted I could use it for regular work (laser cutting and engraving) so I could sink a bit more money than if it were just for hobby sake.

I have been reading a lot about diy vacuforming so thats something I am thinking about.

cheech- is there a call for or interest in leather wrapped kydex??

Screen printing (small scale) is actually something I've been wanting to get into for years.
Never had the space until now and I haven't been able to find any local classes on it.
I wouldn't say there's a high demand, but I've seen a few lately. Usually it's to incorperate a blade retention setup .

Anodizing in an attached garage or garage where cars or other $$$ stuff I wouldn't recommend do to due to the acid vapors. It's really best in a detached garage.

Vacuum forming machine I'd go ahead and run a 220 line to power the heating elements or a dedicated oven for heating the plastic.

My mom did home silk screening for some of her wood signs for her craft buisness. Dad and I built alot of her equipment. You'll need to be able to make it into a dark room for setting the UV film. Wash sink (big enough to handle the size screens you'll be doing), uv light box for basics... We learned everything on the web when she started. Much of it was trial and error for exposure times, distance between screen and surface, which screen mesh size to use, etc
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