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Hi , new to the forum...been a observer all too long so I thought I would share some latest creations . The first is a zombie head influenced by THE WALKING DEAD . I saw a picture of one of the background zombies on the web and fell in love with the expression so I had to sculpt one for myself . Its made out of latex/polyfoam , painted w/rubber cement , Resin eyes , Dentures and punched in hair . I ended up displaying it in a lab looking case -sort of a taxidermy zombie theme .
The other piece is a eye prototype to see if my current eye making techniques could handle a huge eye of this size . Also its a nice change to get to go nuts on such a big canvas so I ended up trying out some new ideas as well that I can adapt to the normal human size eyes . Hope you like it !




Incredible :eek

That Zombie head looks absolutely realistic IMHO
And please tell more about how you made this eye!!!


Holy s***!!!!!!!!!! Unreal!! This is so good, my buddy is going to crap his pants when he sees this one.
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