New Underworld Trailer


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Spotted Sandrine Holt twice in the trailer. God, I hope her character survives this film. Seriously, when it comes to big franchise films, her character is always killed off.


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As always, Kate Beckinsale in skin tight vinyl is a win!
Meh, already saw it in the first two movies. She's gorgeous, but too scrawny for my tastes; I prefer women who are built like women, not 13-year-old boys.

The visuals look pretty good, but I've never heard of the co-directors. I hope they know how to tell a story.


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I am looking forward to this one. Two was atrocious, but the prequel (#3) was the best of the lot. Maybe they have it all together now with Kate in the lead.


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Oh no, more blue.

haha! :cool

Cool interview with Len Wiseman here... I personally cannot wait for this one whether it sucks or not. I will still love it.
I first thought that the other 'thing' that escaped would be Michael in some kind of ultra-morphed state, but I am interested in the idea that he may be the Lycan at the end...
I am super-excited. I hope also that the movie will be along the same lines as 'Rise' for I found that one to be the best of the 3 as well.
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