new Transformers Decepticon badge


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Ok, so what's the story with this?
well since theres a live action transformers filming as we speak, and thats a transformers symbol......putting 2 and 2 together?


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Look pretty disguised to me for robots. Very few people actually read the writing on the side of a car that has roof lights an that was Megatron's form for a while...


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I have a hard time believing this is from the movie. Just seems too obvious/blatant.

Ok, making some alterations is fine - things like Megatron gun to robot - yeah unreasonable size diff and he does form a tank type in some variations. But what the hell are they thinking with Bumblebee? Not like the Beetle is a hard to find car.


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I read somewhere that VW wouldn't give them permission to use the Bug in
the film. So we get a Camaro instead. To me, if these pictures are real, it
seems that this is nothing more than a promotion for new cars. How does
Bumble bee go from a unrestored late 70's camro to the new retro version? :unsure

They should have kept the clssic looks but I wont judge until it comes out. :angel


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As I posted elsewhere;)

You want pics?

OK :)

Not sure how legit these are - COULD be fan-made stuff.

But cool nonetheless IMHO.

Seemingly, VW won't give up the licence for a Beetle, so Bumblebee's a Camaro instead.

Tank - Megatron, perhaps? Although it's image name is "Devastator"...

( Not sure if I like this - DISGUISE, guys, DISGUISE. )

Oh, and:

"Sony BMG Entertainment today has announced the creation of the "Transformers: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD," which will hit stores in November. Packed with exclusive special features to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the animated classic film, the DVD release is timed to the debut of a "Transformers" Classics line of figures. The DVD includes never-before-seen footage, exclusive interviews, interactive games and collectible packaging."


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just saw a report on G4 tv and they showed a few of these pictures, they gotta be legit. They also said Optimus would be a firetruck...


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for what it's worth
from wikipedia
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Optimus Prime, Megatron as an alien jet[1], Vortex/Incinerator as a MH-53 PAV Special Ops Helicoptor, Scorponok as a mechanical scorpion and minion of Vortex/Incinerator, Ratchet, Starscream as an F-22 Raptor, Soundwave as a 4 foot boombox, Brawl as a police car, Devastator as an M-1 Abrams tank, Bonecrusher as a mine clearing vehicle, Ironhide as a pickup truck, Bumblebee as a Camaro and Jazz as an exotic car will be amongst the Transformers featured in the film[2].

Director Michael Bay recently revealed on his official forum that these are "codenames" for the actual characters set to appear in the movie. The real names will not be revealed until the toy boxes are actually printed[3]. However, there is strong suspicion among many fans that this is simply a ruse.


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yeah, ive got a feeling our first look at any of these guys willbe leaked prototype toys.


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Man... I could make white reflective vinyl decals of that.... ;)

Might not want to do the WHOLE badge, for obvious reasons, but the Decepticon head/logo for sure. :D