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Originally posted by CMANavy@Mar 13 2006, 11:08 PM
I just finished.  I you notice the left knee strap is missing it is due to it tearing off after standing up and I am waiting for my speakers to come back for the helmet too.

Armor: IDS
Hemlet: Everyones Favorite Fan-made, v.2
Undersuit: Under Armor Cold Gear
Gloves: Under Armor Cold Gear
Boots: C-DUb's Rebok Realst Tutorial.
Blaster: I forget, I got it here.
Straps: Thermals Rubber straps.


Mostly standard methods, with the exception fo the knees and shoulders.  The knees are magneticaly attached to magnets embeded into volleyball kneepads (worn under the UA).  The shoulders also are magneticaly attached, one magnet on the bell and one on a shoulderpad under the UA.  For the paint, the chest, and shoulders had black paitned under the red (thanks Clonepete).  On the belt a two tone paint job was used, Banner red is the mail color and Cherry red for the highlighted areas.

I still ahve a few things to tweek, the shins need padding (it hurt to walk) and I need to fix the biceps so they don't fall.  IF you see anything I need to fix please let me know.


NIce Work...


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That looks brilliant man. Nice work, I like the idea of the magnetic fixtures - it looks really tidy(I wonder how they'll do while trooping) and the paint job is great, really looks like you've seen a few battles. You should get some action shots in the snow too, it'd make a cool background for a photo.


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Looks absolutely fabulous... The only thing that I can see is that your bucket is missing the aerators. Other than definitely rocks, bro.


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Looks Awesome. I have been following your progress on and you have had some great ideas.


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You look like a stud. Alaska has great weather for trooping in hot-a** clone gear I am sure. Where are your aerators?.? HAHA.

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Originally posted by CMANavy@Mar 19 2006, 04:52 AM
I have a ton of new pics, I went to a Anime Con up here in alaska and got he new outpost off to a new start.  I also was in the constume contest, I felt a litte bad becuase none them stood a chance and I took first.  Pics are uploading and will be posted soon.