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Question about Captain Pike’s uniform shirt. I have short arms, I’m about a 31” in sleeve length. Almost certain that if I were to purchase a Captain Pike uniform shirt I would have to have the sleeves shortened. Is that possible with the rank being on the cuff of the sleeve? Thanks!
Patterns are often provided with ways to shorten for lengthen the sewing pieces - arms, legs, torso. The same techniques can work for modifying finished garments. Do some reseach on the approach. Normally the patterns are NOT modified at the armscye or the cuff but somewhere in between. Depening on the garment and your arm, you might try making the change at the bicep, elbow, or forearm. Recuting the entire sleeve to a smaller size is a much more challenging, drafting process but also can produce a better result.
So, for SNW a lot of people are going with cosermart, I have one, you should easily be able to remove the cuffs and sew them further up the sleeve.

after work I can take some pics and send them to you
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My dad and I did the cosicon shirt and pants last year for STLV and I took the rank off of my sleeve so we wouldn’t be the same rank. Shoulder pads will also help bring the sleeves up


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