Limited Run New prototype run for Superman crystals, Payments due!


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Hmmm... maybe I shouldn't ask this but, do you think there will be another run of these crystals? I would love to get my hands on a few id possible.


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My crystal finally arrived today! :D
Another excellent piece for my Superman collection.

Hang in there people. Chris is dealing with private issues, which have caused him to not be that active socially for quite some time, and unfortunately also delaying the deliveries of the crystals from this run.

I’ll leave it up to him to come forward if and when he‘ll be able to.. but eventually he’ll come through, and get back to you.
Is that the Donner or the Brando? Could we get some more angles? It's gorgeous!


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Is that the Donner or the Brando? Could we get some more angles? It's gorgeous!

Neither. This crystal is a new design based on the screen-used Superman+Superman II crystal, that was sold through PropStore back in 2018.

Here’s a link to the auction:

The crystal hasn’t been named by Chris yet, but we could call it the (Jeff) East Crystal :)

The sign-up for this design (which was primarily a prototype to see if the new factory would be able to replicate it as perfectly as the earlier one) was two years ago.
And the new factory had them ready about a year ago. The production was pushed back several times due to national holidays in China and off course covid.
Due to several issues in Chris‘ life, the delivery of the crystals from him to us was delayed quite a bit as well. But he’ll be getting more and more out to the ones who already paid back then.

I know Chris has more of this new crystal ready, so hit him up via email if you want one. But don’t expect a quick answer, since he’s still dealing with some personal stuff. He has promised to return to the Forums when he’s ready.

He’s also working on getting some new designs from Superman Returns made. But when exactly they’ll be ready for ordering I don’t know.

I don’t think Chris is planning on doing runs of the older crystals (Donner, Brando Fortress etc.) quite yet. Those were made by the old factory, and if I’m not mistaking, getting the new factory fully set up to do these designs will be quite a task. But maybe in the future, who knows.

Yes, this crystal is gorgeous! I’ll take some more pictures to show you later today, it’s night atm here in Denmark ;)


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If anyone wants to snag two of these I've just put a Donner and a Prop Store version for sale in the junkyard.

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Hi, i have received my 2 crystals from a year or so ago, but notice that there's a height difference between the two. For anyone who already got theirs: which one do you have in your hand? the thicker one or the slimmer one? and which one is the more accurate of the two if we refer to the prop?


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Hey guys and gals.

Just an update. Long story short, health problems sidelined me for a while/have sidelined me.

I haven't read through the thread, so apologies if I missed a question or anything.

1: I'm alive. I'm ok.

2: There will be another run, with ~3 new designs. It's not happening until the designs are finished to my satisfaction. This may mean days, or weeks, or months. It will happen. Shipping is too expensive to try to set small runs for each design, unless you guys are willing to pay a good bit more per crystal. Be patient. Perfection takes time, and I want these to be as perfect as possible before I start taking other people's money for them.

3: If you HAVE PAID FOR SHIPPING and you HAVE NOT gotten the crystal from this thread, email me.


5: If you just want to buy one, give me a few days and I'll have the number of ones in stock worked up as well as prices. I did a small order last year, so there are extras at the moment. I just need to verify how many.

6: Let's set Thurs the 5th as the first day in taking extra orders, email only.

7: I'm sorry if anyone was upset or anything about me not being here. I have some kinda big personal issues going on, and I'm not exactly in the best frame of mind or body to tackle a new run immediately. I'll get em rolling when I can safely commit to the time and effort needed to complete it. Far too many times I've seen people get in over their head and ghost everyone while taking off with their cash. Not happening with me.

That pretty much covers everything I could update about. As soon as the designs are finished, I'll get the new thread rolling.

I'm not going to be here again for a while, but I'm going to be back soon. If there's one thing I learned the hard way it's that I have to respect my body's limits, or my body will do it for me.

Hope everyone is doing well. I've missed y'all.



Please put me on the list for both green and clear. I will take whatever you have available when it is convenient. No rush at all! I would like only the opportunity to be in line for this! Thanks!


Glad to hear you are doing better. We were worried about you. I don't really know you that well, still kind of a noob around here, but still know how much you were missed and how many were concerned about you. If you do have some extras hanging around, would love to be on the list for a couple of whatever you have left. If it's one of each or multiple of one type, just let me know which they are. Welcome back and continued prayers for you.


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Please put me on the list for both green and clear. I will take whatever you have available when it is convenient. No rush at all! I would like only the opportunity to be in line for this! Thanks!
Same here I’ll take both green and clear! If I can still get on the list please put me on there I can pay whenever you need, thanks!

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