New Project for 2015.


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Hi Guys,

during the last weeks/months I didn't post much because I was busy preparing a new project for 2015. Just like every year I travelling to Florida meeting my RPF and sci-fi friends and just like every year I'm ceating a photobook with my adventures in Florida.

In 2012 it had the look like a comic book, last year it was in the design of Indiana Jones, 2014 it had the Star Wars style and what could be better for 2015? Back to the Future.

I rewatched all the three movies, took some screenshots and collected ideas. What I really enjoyed was the product placement in all the movies, it was a great joy creating new brand logos with the names of my friends and various cities. Most of them might look more familiar to you guys, because we have different kind of brands over here in Germany.

I also like to show the date when these pictures are taken. So I turned most of the gauges I could find into little cliparts displaying the day and month.

For this project I've redrawn every single object as a vector file (not every clipart is shown in the attached file.) and I also created the Pepsi Perfect font and the font from the title logo of „Back to the Future“ called Marty. Both of them are for free download on

For some of the brandnames of my friends I had the help of another RPF member, his ideas were outstanding. Thanks for that.


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