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Hi everyone. I am generally new to therpf and modeling in general. I am really excited about getting into making props, etc... and am actually taking a class at my local junior college here in the spring.

The question I had for the forum was actually trying to find templates or references for certain builds. I'll use the Iron Man helmet as an example. Is there a single place or a topic that gets started for templates and references for people like me who want to make one but need the art and data to begin? Are there CAD files, Illustrator files, photoshop files anywhere here or on another site that people here generally start with?

I mean, do users here say "I want to make the iron man helmet...I better head over to xyz and get the art to get started."?

Thanks a ton and I'm sure there are going to be many more newcomer posts to come.

Short answer, no. The search function is your friend. Im positive there are pop files out there as I have seen threads using pep files as a starting point. Same thing with blueprints or autocad files. But as far as one stop stopping for reference.....there isnt anything here like that. The beginnings of this board was good old fashioned hand sculpting in foam, Bondo, resin etc. If digital is your media of choice....cant help ya there. That computer prop making is above my pay grade.
Actually, if you head over to the replica costumes sub-forum, there is a stickied thread about all things pepakura, i.e. templates. Having not read that thread, I can't make any promises, but there are probably a few links to helpful pepakura files.

Hi, I am Nabi...also a new comer...I wanted to do a full scale ark and I got the chest done, but how do I do the angels on top??? What do I start with? Man, I gotta make it happen ova here...any ideas? Maybe someone is selling just the angels or I can do part work on them, ya know?
50 year old newby. New to props but for just getting started here is what i have put together so far. A huge rotocaster made from "parellel bar frame, oil drill stem pipe, old water well pump, particle accelerator frame work, lawn mowers, garden tiller and tread mill parts.
I used as much used material as possible. The bearings and chain and fan belt are new.
posted a video in youtube.
Go to matchbook69
scroll down to rotocaster

Looking for talented people to use
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