1. FreddySchramm

    Custom Drone Head Concept 003 (Robocop Finish)

    I’m selling my custom-designed drone heads. I've cast several of these as paint swatches to try new airbrushing and weathering techniques since art school. All proceeds will go towards my art space/ tools/ material for more art projects. The head is attached to the stand and is about 7 inches...
  2. FreddySchramm

    Custom Drone Head Design 007

  3. Beth D SFX

    Original Jumanji Board Refrences

    Evening Everyone, I'm currently a student studying model making for TV and Film, and an upcoming project we have is the history of replication. I'm looking to recreate the iconic Jumanji board, but I need to recreate it as authentically as possible. This means finding out how the original was...
  4. T

    Poster art twists

    Nervously posting for the first time, so apologies in advance ;-) I recently enjoyed this episode of 99% invisible, all about the Bradbury Building in L.A. - Anyway, I used it as inspiration to re-imagine the poster art for Blade Runner, using...
  5. R

    Copic Markers

    I didn't really know what topic to put this under so I chose this one. I have recently been looking at getting Copic markers but am a little overwhelmed. I have narrowed it down to either Ciao or Sketch. I know that the Ciao ones are basically the same as the sketch but cheaper, differently...
  6. graphixmon

    New Bane Mask (Most Accurate I've Seen!) PICS will be posting more to the thread

    Check out the Graphix Monster Bane mask. The MARK III, its the 3rd and final version made. Even made an opening for 'PARTY TIME' See more photos at the Facebook page, click here
  7. G

    CNC machines - who's got one and what you got? (networking)

    I just bought my first CNC machine, and have begun assembling it. I was wondering who else has one on the board, and how do they use it? What props do you make? What programs do you use...prefer...hate? I personally have access through school to Solidworks and Mastercam. I've played with come...
  8. C

    Batman's Bust

    Hi guys, I'm new here. This is my first post. :D I want to show you a mini bust that I did some time ago this year. It has 23cm and is made of Resin. I really hope you like it. Soon I will post more works. Thanks a lot. Cronus :ninja Here is a video that I made for show it...
  9. Master Sword (Skyward Sword Version)

    Master Sword (Skyward Sword Version)

    Artwork of the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda: Skyword Sword. Good gauge for size and details, poor gauge for color because it comes from a series of turquoise-tinted watercolor paintings.
  10. P

    New memeber with a question about templates.

    Hi everyone. I am generally new to therpf and modeling in general. I am really excited about getting into making props, etc... and am actually taking a class at my local junior college here in the spring. The question I had for the forum was actually trying to find templates or references...