New here: Some questions I'd like to ask here.

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Greetings cool people, I'm new to this forum so bare with me.
*How I feel right now, haha!*

First of all, am I allowed to ask questions here about my costume? Like 'How to add filler for a headpiece that involves PVC piping?' or 'How can I get sharp, flush tips on a clay sculpture, with the intent of molding it?'

I'm making a costume for the premiere of the movie later this year, just to prove to myself that I can put my mind to anything. I've been planning and researching all the miniature bits of my costume for over 1 1/2 year. Why I choose an elaborate costume to pick as my first choice was intentionally to challenge myself to the highest limits possible. Obviously when someone is new to something, many questions need answers. I've gotten to that point where the answers simply don't exist. Experimentation and time is needed to answer them. I'm used to meticulously planning something to the last detail, than carrying it out to the end. I improvise if things don't go according to plan. I work 3 jobs and spend all of my personal time mapping out the whole process for every stage of the project. For more details, simply just ask! I really need to get the ball rolling as time is running out *no pressure! haha*

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Hi there and welcome aboard ... might I ask, for starters, that you mention whose costume you'd like to replicate? ... That would certainly make it easier to answer some of your inquiries regarding said costume ... and especially if you add some work in progress pictures to go along your questions, since an image may reveal instantly instead of the use of 1000 words :)



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Alright cool, I was anxious to say this in my OP! I would of ranted on and on about it, I should taken that bit out of the post to be honest in place of this post. Anyways..

I'll be as blunt as I can with the overview, and get specific on the details on the current phase I'm in:

The costume that I will be making will be a Male-Oriented Ahsoka Tano. I was cooking this up before the Rebels series came out on Disney, I haven't used anything from that show to help me make this build I'm about to do. Instead I based all of my designs off of her outfit that she wore in the Clone Wars - Season 3-5, with the Burgundy Suede tunic with Hardened Leather Boots/Gauntlets. It's been modified to appeal to a male physique, in my opinion, I think it looks pretty seamless for a bro! For those unfamiliar with the show, here is a good reference that shows off her dimensions. Oh how do I love video game renders:

This is a work-in-progress Google Doc that I'll be using to map my progress. It'll practically be my journal that'll document my successes and failures in design. Right now, it's just detailing my current progress on the outfit as a whole. At the time of this posting, obviously I have very little to show for all of this research. It's more on paper than in a digital format, that'll be displayed shortly. Alot of life has happened to me in this amount of time. My undivided attention can now be placed on this project, I'm ready to go! These are the images that detail the overview of the project. They come from my Veldspar2112 deviant art account, hope these things show..


Aw bugga! Gonna need to click on them to see them full screen.

Before we move on to the specifics, here is a full-scaled version of the images in my Google Docs page. Their currently being colored, but with the time crunch I'm under to get my sculptures done, the time simply doesn't exist!
Front: (Images are quite large, gotta click on these bad boys)
Now, onto the juicy subject at hand: The Head-piece.

The Head-piece has been done before, but not like this. Someone tells me "Don't reinvent the wheel and keep everything simple!" I decided that I will be making this headpiece into 3 or 5 different sculpture pieces, attached by a very strong adhesive. My reference that I used for my plan originated from Michaela De Bruce. She's made a Shaak Ti outfit before. Her headpiece looks beautiful, but I want something a bit more sharp and crisp (This is Michaela's Central Headpiece, I'm going to make something like this). Many other tutorials based on producing Lekkus were looked at as well, but they have a much simpler design in that the head-tails fall down from behind their head. Togruta have two horns that are symmetrical to their front Lekkus. Not only that, those horns raise over the persons head by a length of their face (stacking that person's face on top of their face, if you were to look at them in the front). My current progress on this phase right now:

I have a good deal of PVC pipe that I'll be using as the armature for this sculpture (3/4" and 1" PVC, what I don't use, I return). I have been attempting a lifecasting of my face, the only people who can help me are not very trustworthy so I'm left with going the cheaper route: Use packaging tape on a Male Mannequin Foam Head to match your head's dimensions! Being terribly uncertain that this will not fit my head, I have no choice but to use this to create the central headpiece that the 2 front and 1 back lekku will be attached to. I'll need to build this thing through trial by fire (if their's a better way, save me! Haha). I need to go to my local library and print out these images to help me out with the profiles of the fact:

I'll be printing out some of the Mortis Episode versions as well, where they show her as an Adult. This was a good profile study that'll be the base my armature build. (source:

I wish I had Ahsoka's Adult version in a render like the one above, I rely on people who have drawn Togruta (namely Ahsoka, as she is the most well known so it would seem). Here is my eyeballed union's map I think I'll need to do with the PVC.
Eyeballed Unions.jpg
I understand that I will fail on my first attempt, and maybe even on my second attempt, I have no problem with that fact that each sculpt might take between 15-25 hrs to do. This armature though, if this is messed up, every sculpture I make of this will screw up! I want to get this right. Than the next stage is to put bubble wrap around it as filler, than cooking wrap to make seamless bends around the bubble wrap, spray adhesive on the wrap to give extra support for the clay to stick, and start putting clay down to make the form that you see in my concept art I made on paper. It'll include the horns so I wonder how I'll make those real sharp... I can be realistic and accept a small rounded edge. Afterwords, I'll make a mold of the piece. Some ladies have suggested I do a 3-piece brush-on mold. I've never attempted molding before, I've read up on it multiple times, but never practiced it. I sure hope it comes out ok.
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I can understand that the wall of images and text I put up might be confusing to follow. I'll do my best to put my questions out-front right here:

1) When I make this armature for the head, is it a good idea to leave alot of room for the clay to make the form of the sculpture? Like for example, when it comes to the curve in-between both of the horns. That's the thinnest, most jam-pack place where stuff is going to be. Could I even fit filler in there? Do I need to?

I reckon that in this area of the head, the top of the head is going to be baring the weight so it won't fall over. I'm unfamiliar with the strength of PVC piping, even with 3/4" piping, do you guys think it could hold both ends of the headpiece real well enough? If you guys don't know, I'll learn it for myself but I'd love to spare some extra pipe from the mistake! Haha.

2) How will I rest this on the head? I'm just making the armature right now, how can I get it to stay as I form it? I'm drawn to a blank here. I'm thinking I might need to build both sides of the armature slowly and at the same time, wait for the cement glue to dry, than continue building it by eyeballing it. I'd hover both pieces between the mannequin head, tap the proposed shape of PVC I'll need (after cutting it of course), than seeing how it'll look. I could avoid this problem all together (resting the armature on the head idea) by just hovering it over the foam head. Bad idea?


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I may have given 1,000 words + some images, I'd like to know. Does anyone get what I'm talking about? I'd love some feedback on how I should broadcast my issues. Everything about my project is all subject to change. I've done research on at least 10+ different projects of people making Ahsoka, they contain many similarities, all except the headpiece. It's been the biggest challenge presented to me thus far. I understand that it's a project, within a project, it will take some time to perform. I've been battling this issue for too long without any form of advice. The only person that could help me chooses not to. I've asked Michaela as many questions as I could, she gave me a load of cliffnotes on what she was doing. She didn't give any specifics. It's incredibly frustrating when I don't know how to communicate this issue so I can get some feedback.

I could just do it, bump into the problem, and wait for people to help. That way I'll get my issue out of the way, that doesn't seem efficient at all to do but the internet, by and large, gives me no choice.

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Just like to point out I love the shorts/thigh wraps you have going in your concept sketches. Feels very "in-universe" and aesthetically pleasing. And should show off them buns of steel! :p


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Ah yes.. about that. With the figure drawings, I forgot to mention that in my concept art, I forgot to erase the body areas that would be covered haha! I am doing a fair bit of body sculpting right now. I lost over 95 lbs and gained a degree of muscle right now. I got about 4-5% of body fat to burn till I hit that 'very toned' look. I don't know if I should post a picture since I don't got compression apparel and everything I got is too big on me, I'd have to take clothes off! Ohhh myyy

Though the outfit will be tight. The whole purpose of why I think Togruta are such fascinating creatures is because they show off their figure really well with their exotic skin colors. The pharoah head really sends it off as a very noble figure. It's what attracted me to the idea in the first place.

If I am a wee bit impatient in my posts, I apologize. I really do feel the burn on getting this outfit done in a speedy manner, without sacrificing quality (but I can be realistic). I'll make another thread when I bump into an issue. I'll be making several threads across many websites. I'll do my best to network each thread to each forum site to give you awesome people a map of what each contributor is telling me. I know most people will just reply and come back later but for those who really would like to be involved, I can do the networking (though it's entirely unnecessary, I usually fly solo).

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