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Interesting poster that can be interpreted in so many different ways. To me, it would seem that the main character (The Flash) is being covered up by a secondary character (Burton Batman), which is heavily reflected in how they are aggressively pushing Keaton in the marketing / trailers.

If the main character / actor not been seen as such a liability, images of Keaton would have likely been held back and only suggested or glimpsed in the trailer (for comparison, you didn’t see the other Spider-guys in the trailers for No Way Home).

I can appreciate the difficult position that DC / Warner Bros. is in, here, just to get the film out without taking a huge financial loss…

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I can appreciate the difficult position that DC / Warner Bros. is in, here, just to get the film out without taking a huge financial loss…

Has WB actually said or acted like they want to cut loose of Ezra?

I know they would have to be brain-dead not to wanna drop him at this point. But big studios do brain-dead stuff all the time.
This trailer has me so conflicted.

I cannot hide how stoked I am to see Keaton as Batman.
When the light piano version of the batman theme started playing, I began physically vibrating.

I am also ultra frustrated/disappointed that it's in an Ezra Flash movie.

I was not a fan of him as Flash to begin with, and even beyond the various allegations and court troubles, he seems like he's an unpredictable dude that would hinder any future films he's in.

I am against actors and staff being released from contracts and franchises over controversy, or prior to actual court proceedings. But even if I could imagine all that stuff put out of the picture, he seems like he's on the high end of being an unpredictable diva of an actor, and doesn't come with the "star power" to risk it at this point.

That combined with me just straight up not liking him as the character, means I'd love to see this film somehow exit his version of the character from the series.
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Both Cavill and Gadot filmed scenes for this. Not just cameos. DC announced they would be cut from the theatrical release. I read on IGN that DC was initially planning to bury this film the way it did a few other super hero movies and it was Gunn who said no, lets use it to reset the universe, and they rewrote some stuff and reshot some stuff to that end.

Whatever the case I really do enjoy seeing Keaton return, and I'm liking what they did with those extra suits. A lot. I have to give a tip of the hat to Chris Weston for getting that Gray and Blue suit in there. I hope there are a few more surprises in the mix, though I'm sure youtube will be filled with buttcam spoiler clips on release day. :p

I am a long time fan of DC comics, and I'll always be rooting for them. I just don't think the upper management at WB will support Gunn if his 10 year plan fails or falters on any level. And I'm not sure Gunn will stick it out and not walk away from WB either. He already looks exhausted. :sleep:

But, that posted, I really want to see a great DCU happen. I can't even tell you how much I wanted a Booster Gold movie!!

That's a lie. I'm a long time fan of DC and I'd never even heard of that character.
That blue and grey suit is probably as close as we'll ever get to a classic Jim Aparo Batman. Love it!
I want to see this movie, and I will the day it streams. But I refuse to give the theater my money. I mean, why the hell would anybody torpedo his own career when the future is very bright. I hope he never works in the industry again. (By the way, yes, I said “HE”. Not “they” or “them”. I refuse to support this term. Dude, pick a lane!)
That's a lie. I'm a long time fan of DC and I'd never even heard of that character.

I was big into the JLA run he was involved in. Put him with Blue Beetle! Fun character and their dynamics were great - as I remember anyway….

I'll watch it on streaming just to see Keaton's Batman in an action sequence that doesn't look like crap for a once. As much as I loved the original Burton Batman, the action is cringeworthy at best.
I wonder if Ezra will be written off in this movie. With the multiverse and changing history, it seems like the best time. They seem to be out of the headlines of late but I don't think they can come back from all of the previous controversies. I'd love to see Grant step up into the role. He did great over the years as The Flash.
Looks dumb, of course, but at least, at the end, they did what I have always asked why they don't do. PROMOTE THE COMIC BOOKS!

Geez, it can't be that hard! Every superhero movie should have done that from day one!

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