Announcement New Feature - Keyword Alerts

Art Andrews

Community Owner
Community Staff
Today, we have added a powerful new feature to the site: Keyword Alerts.

Much like eBay's Saved Search function, you can now setup alerts to let you know when specific words have been written here on the site.

To get started, Click on your name in the upper righthand title bar.

Click Keyword Alerts from the dropdown menu

keyword alerts 1.jpg

In the upper right hand corner, click Add alert.

keyword alerts 2.jpg

A window will popup.

Give the alert a name.
Add keywords you want to search for, one per line.
Choose how quickly you want to be alerted (immediately is recommended).
Make sure to check YES for "Send alert"
We recommend choosing ALL FORUMS for the search, but you can also blacklist or whitelist specific forums. This is especially powerful if you want an alert to only search the sales forum and not all the other forums.

keyword alerts 3.jpg

We are still working out some minor issues, but if used correctly, this should allow you to be notified when anything that interests you is posted to the community!


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