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I am new to the cosplay community. I am currently working on a predator build for Halloween/comic con 2019, Does anyone have any Blades for wrist Gauntlet for sale.

I don't have the Machinery to cut out a set. I will also share photos of my work so far for advice, tips and constructive criticism.
Hello, I'm looking for something Strong, a firm foam or plastic at best, but stronger than Nothing too expensive, I'm on a E-5 budget... I have tried to make a set but I am a bit anal with detail and I don't have tools or machinery to get them like I want. Anyone who can help is welcome. I have started fabricating my gauntlets and feet, ill share pics later.
Here is a suggestion real cost effective go to a hobby shop . Im not sure where your located but get a couple pieces of balsa wood which is easy to carve download the gauntlet template trace the pattern about three time Glue then together using wood glue . Sand it down to bevel the edges . You can just use acrylic paint and spray gloss to seal it. Or in my case I got some 1/8” adhesive foam to cover the sides . No need for big saw just an exacto knife
Hello all, I have some photos to share. I am working on the wrist gauntlets , shin armor and feet so far. I am a beginner and I am learning along the way better short cuts in steps being each piece is duplicated. This set is the start of the left arm gauntlet.
IMG_0470 - Copy.JPG
IMG_0488 - Copy.JPG
IMG_0491 - Copy.JPG
IMG_0492 - Copy.JPG
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