New Constantine Brass Knuckles Available


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Don't know how many people know, but a company has started offering the Constantine Brass Knuckles. I guess they're steel but made to look gold, plated maybe?

The guy that answers their calls seems to be a little awkward in conversation, and simply said they'd cost to much to produce in actual brass, lol.

Anyway, I missed out on the real deal here but am glad someone is finally offering something.

Here's a link:
Constantine Brass Knuckles, Gold
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Probably not a good idea to advertise that you purchased them in a State where possession is illegal, and could result in a stay behind bars...

Amish Trooper

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From what I have read in my State it is legal to own but not carry. I'll just make a simple phone call to find out for sure before ordering


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actually they can be owned in most states as long as they are a PAPER WEIGHT....If you catch my drift..but most states you can't carry..UNLESS like where I live you have a carry conceal permit..then it's a different story...weird laws. Just a thought.

franz bolo

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FB do you make them?

Eaglewood made the first wave and then Jmtwo made the resin versions.
Jmtwo might still make them but I know Eaglewood isn't making them anymore.

I found some pics of the original run on their server so I know they took the idealized design from me.

I contacted them and I'll find out what the deal is.


franz bolo

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They took images of my design and redrew it themselves apparently. I found 2 images on their server that had the knuckles me and Eaglewood made.

I made an idealized version of the scroll work and it's different from the screen used ones. Theirs are exactly like mine.



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I've been aware of the site for awhile because I've been wanting a set. They have been advertising they were coming soon for quite some time. It appears that they took the other pictures down since last night, of what I would guess was FB's knuckles? The pictures they took down had better, more clear and complete inscriptions than the ones they are offering now. More than likely took them down to avoid buyer confusion but if you contacted them, then maybe to get rid of the evidence trail.
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