1. Mach

    Constantine (2005) - Balthazar Coin

    Background Balthazar (played by Gavin Rossdale) is frequently seen rolling a coin along his fingers. The coin has been partially identified but not confirmed. With a positive ID, the plan is to recreate the coin in pewter, possibly other metals. Warner Brothers is planning to release...
  2. TK-1776

    Constantine holy water ampoules…

    Hey guys. So there was a previous thread from 12 years ago about making Constantines holy water ampoules and the RPF won’t allow me to post since the thread is so old. I’ve decided to try to make them and I am more curious about finding the accurate black, ridged caps that go on the bottles. Has...
  3. Customrelic

    Constantine zippo lighter info

    I have a friend who can get me blanck zippos at a huge discount. I was thinking of getting them and using the cnc to engrave the constantine lighter from the movie. The only problem im having is finding the correct info on each side. From what i have seen, the lighter has a cross (with...
  4. grimmindustries

    Holy Brass Knuckles

    Replica of the brass knuckle props from the feature film Constantine, that I 3d modeled and printed. Unfortunately my printer doesn't have the resolution to do the model justice.
  5. mfgreth

    John Constantine's Lighter (TV Version)

    Hello everyone, this is my first thread. Here I will be documenting the process in which I hope to have accurately recreated John Constantine's lighter from the short-lived TV series based on Hellblazer, Constantine. The lighter was designed by Dave Blass of Blackhawk Design, and seems to draw...
  6. F

    Holy Sh*tgun!

    WIP, a flippant riff on Constantine's Holy Shotgun:
  7. F

    Constantine Costume

    I really liked the NBC Constantine show (aside from the pilot), and I thought I'd show you what I'd put together so far for my costume: (Damn, I thought I'd changed that last one to "Petty Dabbler") The lighter I picked up at Aliexpress. The story behind that particular one is I found the...
  8. juno

    Interest Constantine The Series Cigarette Boxes

    I'm thinking about professionally printing Constantine's Silk Cut cig box from the new series. This would be on good paper, professionally die cut and would ship flat and ready-to-assemble. Price would probably be around $20. Here's the real deal from a promo shot for the show: And the...
  9. U

    Constantine - "The Devil's Vinyl" - Moonrise Studios acetate record

    I am slightly hoping that there will be a licensed replica release, but last week's Constantine showed off an intricately designed record. It is explained as being Willie Cole's last recording before he disappeared and it gains its power from having the voice of the First of the Fallen. I...
  10. D

    More of a practical FX question for filmming

    Hello Community: I recently saw the making of Terminator. In the segment, they mentioned that there are two interacting chemicals that's applied to an actor's clothing to make it smoke from it's surfaces. I've seen the effect in Constantine when the actor returns from Hell (which was prolly...
  11. L

    NBC Constantine Costume

  12. Rusty85

    New Constantine Brass Knuckles Available

    Don't know how many people know, but a company has started offering the Constantine Brass Knuckles. I guess they're steel but made to look gold, plated maybe? The guy that answers their calls seems to be a little awkward in conversation, and simply said they'd cost to much to produce in actual...
  13. L

    Constantine: Lighter Project *UPDATE 04-09-2009 - Pics of brass parts are up*

    Pics of brass raw pieces are FINALLY in, Brass run sign up in the junkyard: Time to start a new thread in which you will be able to see the progress my buddy Mike...