new builder here starting with a boba


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Ok after years of wanting a boba fett helmet i decided i was going to make one, well i already started a pepakura one with firefeks model, but i realized i didn't scale it correctly so my head is uncomfortable, i have a rather larger head. so i am going to redo it by starting over again, but my question is how should i go about leaving the ear pieces off as those seemed like a pain in the ass to do on the model, is there a flat piece that just needs to go in there or is there a section of the template that i missed interpreted it in the viewer. any and all help will be useful thanks in advance. i am extremely new to this but what i did on the to small of one was rather impressive
Got any pics of what you mean? The ear pieces on a typical kit are flat on the underside. Perhaps you can just replace those areas with a flat piece of card and build the ears separately? You'd have to somehow make the ear pieces solid though, with a flat backing so that you can attach them when you're done.
I figured it out I think inslept in it and looked at it today before I went to work. I'll just fill in the spots for the ears with another piece and build the ears seperate and attach them somehow like a few others have done on here. Now to get the resizing correct.
Did it print at the correct size but your head is larger? or did you print it smaller than the actual helmet? Let me know if you need any measurements to help you scale it.
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