New Battlestar Galactica (1978) movie 4k BluRay


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First off, let me say I'm extremely grateful that this was released. And given the subject, I think they did an admirable job.

The good:
- Picture pops even more than the HD BluRay. Edges are more defined and detail is all there.
- The red flight deck "alert" scenes look much better. The reds don't bleed into the other colors so much.
- DTS sound really punches.
- Picture is bright. That'll be the HDR for ya.

The not so good:
- DTS is 2.1, not 5.1. If the left and right channels are already discrete it seems like not much more effort to pipe some of that to the rear speakers. It wouldn't be "dolby-quality" but it would feel more surround.
- Aspect ratio is just cheating. Some of the top and bottom of the original is cut off in order to fill the screen. I know they did this because the source film wasn't anamorphic, and they know people hate letterboxes. But I would have liked a letterbox version in the box too just so I can get the full picture. Honestly, I thought the days of doing this were over back in the DVD days.

Like I said, I'm just happy to have new BSG '78 restorations. It could have been perfect though.

Interested to hear other opinions. Am I off base here?

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