Neville Longbottom Teddybear Pajamas- Need help with print!


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Hey everybody!

So a friend of mine (who is a shoe-in for Neville!) is going to join our Potter group next year, and as an additional costume, he wanted to do Neville's Teddy Bear pajamas from The Sorcerer's Stone (the scene where Hermione petrifies him), for fun "frozen" shots!

The pattern is easy, but we haven't been able to find anything like the print anywhere (not surprising since the film is ten years old). So we were hoping that one of the photoshop masters on here would be able to give us a hand crafting the print, so that we could get it printed up by

We've collected as many references as possible:







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Are you still trying to have this done? if we could fid some more ref, or better resolution ref, i'd be down to help you out with making the pattern for sure :D
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