Neonprops recaster on Ebay.


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Did a forum search, and nothing came-up. Doing a Ghost trap ebay search, I find a seller, with GB props, and selling raw recasts of my yellow hose adapter, for $40.00, plus shipping, when I used to offered them finished for $25.00 + shipping.

ghostbusters movie RUBBER LEG HOSE ADAPTER proton pack prop part | eBay

He has sold them, in the past, and by his dutch auction, you can see he has got multiples.

Checking out his other items, I see he has got other random prop stuff for sale. I've reported him to Ebay, and I will be outing him at GB props, too. Heck, I will dig-out the molds just to make a new batch, at my regular price, if there is enough interest.
He's still at it. I just came across his ghost trap listing on ebay. Obvious recast.

s-l1600 (1).jpg
Good lord that looks terrible! The amount of work that you would have to put into it makes it a waste of time.
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