NEMESIS Chateau Picard wine bottle


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Or he's trying to right-click and save as. . . you need to go to the site to get it.

YenChih Lin

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What glue works best?
I used a self adhesive thick paper, went to the copy shop printed it and put it on the bottle.

When you click on download, a download pop-up shows up, maybe you got a blocker, which has to be deactivated - within the window, there's a "download starten" - "start download" self-explanatory ;). Click it and you get the file.


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It's still there - close the popup by clicking the top right word "Schliessen" and you'll see the download. Thanks for sharing.


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Ok got it. Thanks.
Man, what a pain. The red download button wouldn't work and the blue button went to a dating service or something which I closed everytime it came up. I need computer classes I guess. :rolleyes

Thanks everyone.