NEEDS HELP ASAP!! Gluing soles to spandex suit


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Hey everyone. I recently try finished my green lantern print and everything's almost perfect... except I don't have any idea how to attach the shoes. I have a pair of asics from spiderman that I have custom painted for my green lantern (just black) and someone had mentioned. To take an old shoe insert put in the inside of your suit.
And put shoe glue in the shoe and then just let it sit. ? Is that it?
Youre going to need to do more than just let it sit. Ive heard of people wrapping both of their feet in plastic wrap, then putting the shoe goo on
the shoe and steeping inside the suit. The key here is to line it up perfectly then stand in the shoes for a couple of hours minimum. You could probably
also sit down if you center your weight (well most of it) over your feet and keep pressure in the shoes.

The other alternative is to use weightlifting weights, a gallon jug filled with water, basically anything thats heavy and that will help promote adhesion between
the lycra, the glue and rubber insole.

Hope that helps. If you need visuals on how others have done it try searching for Spiderman builds and look towards the middle to back of the threads.
It's actually really simple. Just go around the edge with a needle and thread. No sewing experience here, yet it's worked for all my suits.
-Buy a pair of insoles as well as soles with profile,and find a pair of cheap kungfu slippers.
-Get into the legs of the zentai suit: insoles first,then cheap kungfu slippers (then your feet inside slippers);make sure your feet are properly positioned inside the foot-part of the suit with the seams at the right places.
-Once you're satisfied with how your feet with kungfu slippers are positioned inside the zentai,apply the glue to the soles-with-profile,and have someone help you position your feet on the soles.
-As mentioned in earlier replies,maintain pressure for as long as required according to the description on the glue bottle/tube.

This is what I understand to be the method.Looking forward to the end result! Don't forget to post photos!
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