Needed help on batman suit!!!!!!


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Hi, i would like to create a Batman suit as well as a Superman suit for a fan film i am making. I am a complete noob but I think i can make it through. Since my actor is not muscular i plan to create a muscle suit with foam pads and create the suit from a tight material such as the one used in Batman v Superman. The only problem is I don't know what material to buy or where to buy it, I am also concerned about the cowl and would appreciate guidance. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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I would also want to know about the estimated budget for it.


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Well, check out jfcustom foam files for batman cowl. Also, look at the 1960 s iron man - muscle type pepakura files that might help with your skinny superman. Should be pretty cheap. Good luck.


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You can also search "muscle suit" on YouTube and you will find several different methods for making a foam muscle suit. That's where I got most of my info for making one. Although in a perfect world we would all be able to afford one from Flex Designs.


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You can also make a batman suit using EVA Foam which could be used to make the wearer appear more muscular due to the foam armor plating... I made one and I'm of average build but felt pretty tough wearing the armor. That's if you didn't want to or weren't particulary set on making a spandex style batman suit.

not sure which method would be cheaper however since I've never made or purchased a muscle suit.

What kind of budget are you working with?
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I used a cheap rubies cowl which you could get from Amazon for around $20.
made the rest of the costume out of EVA foam. I think I spent around $150 in materials to make it to include the foam, plastidip spray, buckles, velcro, elastic and such.

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My main problem is the cowl. I plan to use a pepakura mask then add more to it according to the size of the wearer, I would then put clay around it to later add on details such as wrinkles and eyebrows,after fixing it up my plan is to make a mold out of it with plaster strips and plaster itself. The main problem is this. I don't know what to cast it with. If I use liquid latex(which would would be way cheaper) I wouldn't get the natural feel im looking for.
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