Need Vader FX lightsaber wiring help!

Sluis Van Shipyards

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I was trying to fix my nephew's Vader fx lightsaber. The only thing broken was the plastic blade, but taking it apart months ago I broke the switch. Someone here sent me a switch, but the wires are different colors. So I checked the wiring connections and spliced them together based on where they attached to the board the switch was on... and nothing happened. I figured that I must have accidentally switched a couple of wires so I took apart the four wires I might have changed and just started touching them together to see what happened. :lol I got the whole thing to turn on, but the switch was in the off position and it wouldn't turn back off until I pulled the battery pack. As you may have guessed I'm not an electrician, so I need help. :lol

I guess I need a wiring diagram or something. Does anyone know if that info is available?


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Is it a Master Replicas Force FX saber?

If it is, the Vader that I have has 2 yellow wires for the on/off switch.

If that is not enough info to help, please post the color of the wires that you are dealing with. There should only be two wires coming out of the plastic housing that contains the circuit board.

Sluis Van Shipyards

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Wow you won't believe what I had to go through to get those pictures! :lol I can't believe I posted that that long ago. Anyway I finally pulled this lightsaber out to try and fix it. I can't find the paper I wrote the original wiring positions on, but parts of two wires are still on the broken switch. I figured I had a 50/50 chance of getting it wired up correctly, because I know the positions of two wires. Nothing happened. I checked the batter holder in a new Vader FX I had and it works fine and as far as I know the one I'm trying to fix works. So if I look at the new switch, with it oriented up like it would sit in the saber, I've got this (numbered the way the circuit board is):

1 Green 4 Brown
3 White 2 Black

The old switch is like this:
1 Unknown 4 Gray
3 Unknown 2 Blue

The switches look the same; the only difference I see is the new one has a 66 under the switch, and the old has a 65 underneath.

Here's the pics:


Any ideas?


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Look on the custom saber shop. I think there is wiring instruction for this which includes the switch.

it would be in the conversion kit area for in hilt LED’s.

Hope this helps

Ridire Firean

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Hey @Sluis Van Shipyards ! As a fellow procrastinator... I SALUTE YOU! ;)

If the markings and number of posts are otherwise the same, the difference in the numbering could be in reference to the polarity of the switch. One could be OFF-ON, the other ON-OFF, or maybe even ON-OFF-ON, or OFF-ON-OFF, depending on the number of terminal legs.

It could also be the difference in the current rating of the switch.

Luckily, it looks like a simple side-mounted slide switch. It'll take a while, (but you have the time right? ;) ) to find a switch just like the original at or

Do you have any pictures of the manufacturer's mark on the switch? It might help narrow your search if you can determine who made the switch.

Good Luck on your repair! Hopefully your nephew won't have outgrown Star Wars by the time you finish it! HA! ;)
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