Need vacuformer help in the Charlotte, NC area.

Egon Spengler

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I need help and thought you guys would know where to go. I need to get in contact with someone in the Charlotte, NC area that has a vacuform machine. I'm looking to get a pull off of an item I bought. It's a payphone. I just want to get a plastic shell copy made of the main box to allow for me to make a light weight non working version for my Bill and Ted collection.

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Jeff C

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How big is it, and what is the shape? If it's the sort of phone I'm picturing it may be too large and square to work well with vacuum forming.

Eopie Herder

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Not in Charlotte, in Wilmington...but if you happen to come to the coast and still need help my buddy has one and I'm sure would be willing to help out.