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    I wanted to know if someone here knows what types of paint would be good to use to make a space ship look like it was breaking apart with fire inside like it was about to explode, kind of lava looking glossy shine to it? The ship has big cracks going all around it and its about to explode the fire is bright but no flames more like lava. Hope this is a good enough description.
    Thanks for any help :)
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    Fluorescent paint might work. But you have to view it under a black light to get the glowing effect. . .
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    Tricky question because it all depends on the scale,but,I assume your talking about the moment just before it all goes critical??
    Fire is notoriously difficult to replicate and make it look good...
    what I would do is experiment with oranges and yellows and a fair ammount of white..
    Usually it goes something like this,reddish orange on the outsie edge gradually going through orangy yellow then yellow to white for the hottest part,but really you have to mix to see what works best,and remember to use white to pale up the oranges yellows and reds :D
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    Thanks for the help I got all the paint I just need to start now :D
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    like I said before when you sked the same question :D

    the best way to make it pop out is to keep the colors of the
    ship dark as to get as much contrast as you can.

    paint the carbon scarring first, then paint the firery parts as bright white
    as possible, then use transparent and fluorecent colors (orange yellow)
    to paint the fire try to keep it as bright as possible.

    last paint some dark brown and black dabs on the fire parts to simulate
    smoke or cooler parts, remember to keep the dabbing at the right scale.

    it's difficult to do without light, but is does work icon_biggrin.gif

    did you try it ???

  6. Smallvillekalel

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    Im still working on it :)

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